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Decoy Spreads

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Default Decoy Spreads

Ok, I am green to this. I've started teaching myself how to duck hunt, and Ive downed birds on two of four hunts. I really gotta work on my shooting lol. I am looking to better my decoy spreads. I use six green wing teal, six pintail, and about five mallard (two sleepers, two feeders, one magnum). My usual setup is putting the teal by themselves and the mallards and pintail mixed up with a wide gap between them for a landing area.
I have a few questions:
1.) Should I mix the teal with the other bigger ducks?
2.) I am thinking of adding gadwall or coots to the mix. Yay or nay?
3.) I also have a Mojo teal. However, I am having problems with the battery power; the 8 volt batteries wont last more than about two hours. Any way I can fix it?
Granted, I can only carry a certain number of decoys. This is because I hunt primarily from a kayak, and I have limited room. Any input is welcome. Thank you!
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Now we typically field hunt so unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience on the water. Plus our ducks and season are early so we get all of the uneducated young ducks and that makes life pretty simple.

All of that aside, and speaking to adding a gadwall to the spread, I've done a lot of research and for the mainstay, guys are recommending adding all types of ducks and decoys to the spreads. They say that even just the different brands of decoys simulate ducks in different ages and stages of feather growth. When we hunt on the water here we see all kinds of ducks (Northern shovelers, mallards, blue and greenwings, buffel heads, pintails, red heads, canvasbacks, mergansers, and wigeons) so I wouldn't be afraid to throw any type of decoy out. The biggest thing to our spreads would be to have the motorized wing decoys. The effectiveness of these decoys have decreased since their début a few years ago, but they are still a major component of getting airborne birds to see the spread.

As for your mojo battery issue, our batteries don't last much longer than that. Only fix for that is to bring more batteries out or rig up a remote for the duck to shut it off when there are no ducks around.
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Thanks for your input! Im thinking of getting a tamaya connector and wiring the battery to a 9.4 volt 1100mah tamaya battery so I can at least get a few more hours of use from it
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Where are you located and what types of water are you hunting...ponds, flooded timber, lakes? I'm in NE Ohio and hunt flooded timber in the early season for woodies, mallards and teal and then hunt big water during late season. Each require a different amount of decoys and spread design. So knowing what type of water you hunt will definitely help give us a better direction to send you in. Your setup sounds pretty good for pond hunting and a remote for your Mojo will help bigtime for extending the battery life. As "fowloutlaw" said, adding any types of puddler duck decoys will help make your spread more visible...hunting for divers is a whole different story though but just as addicting and fun.
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Both Congrats and sympathies (LOL!!!) on the crazy world of waterfowling!!!!!!!! I have hunted ducks for going on now 40yrs and have found that ducks can be killed with as few as 4 dekes or we have put out as many as 300 to hunt a spot
Big thing I feel that you did not mention as to being new to the sport is calling. Are you calling or just relying on the dekes? Also as was noted, are you hunting ponds, lakes, potholes, river? here in So. Illinois, we hunt a lot of small ponds and lakes. I hunt/guide the Illinois River with a buddy of mine as well. That and being where the ducks want to be as to where you want them to be.
Your question as to where and what decoys to mix and match, I feel your fine with what you have and dont bunch them up, leave holes/pockets amongst them and a landing zone to work with. Watch the wind as well. Doesn't always have to be perfect, just behind/off a shoulder to be OK. Well, hope you find the answers you are seeking and good luck!!! Just remember to be safe as well!!!
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