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jstep89 09-09-2008 10:35 PM

remington 870
well im thinking about getting an 870 expressfor duck hunting. the gun store i plan on buying from has them for $339.99. they have a sale that give me 10% off so that would make it $305.99. then he said i also get a $30 mail in rebate that would put it $275.99. is this a good deal? it is the black synthetic. would that be okay for duck hunting or do i need a camo gun?

kwacksmacker 09-10-2008 04:20 AM

RE: remington 870
that is a pretty good deal for a workhorse of a firearm. i have three 870's and two of them were passed down to me from my dad after being passed on to him from his. these guns have been worked. my 870 i duck hunt with when i take a pump has been used for about everything, gun, oar, club, crutch and it still works flawlessly. as for the black, by the time the ducks would be able to pick out a black shotgun it is too late for them. camo on shotguns is more for the hunter than the hunted. although i like it because it seems to protect the finish better.

bigwilly11189 09-10-2008 05:17 AM

RE: remington 870
My blued and wood stock 870 never spooked any ducks, I agree its more for the hunter than anything else, at least in duck hunting. If they get spooked its not b/c of your gun. Unless its a howitzer :0

pahntr760 09-10-2008 07:55 AM

RE: remington 870
You could always rattle can it!

TexasBowHunter 09-10-2008 11:31 AM

RE: remington 870
Or you can use the camo tape, Here is a pic that shows one of my wingmasters with it and one without!!!!!

oldreloader 09-10-2008 08:27 PM

RE: remington 870
the 870 is a workhorse.There shouldn't be a problem with the black stock.

jstep89 09-10-2008 08:56 PM

RE: remington 870

ORIGINAL: TexasBowHunter

Or you can use the camo tape, Here is a pic that shows one of my wingmasters with it and one without!!!!!

you did that with camo tape? that looks really good. how much did it cost?

TexasBowHunter 09-10-2008 09:08 PM

RE: remington 870
j ,
I bought it at a local outdoor store (Academy) for like 9 bucks...Been on there about 3 years, you are supposed to be able to take it off and it is not supposed to hurt the finish. It was a kit for a shot gun with all the pieces already cut out for the most part, howeveryou will have to do a little trimmin....That and a tru glo front sight and this is my wing gun!!!

jstep89 09-10-2008 09:48 PM

RE: remington 870
yeah i saw a sight at walmart that i want for my 20ga and the 870. it was on sale for like $11 and it is the true glo kind. my friend got it for his nova and its awesome. i want to get the gun soon. they are on sale for the rest of the month so i want to get it soon.

rbduck 09-11-2008 04:10 PM

RE: remington 870
Get the Express. I`ve been using one for over twenty years(had a Wingmaster before that but it was stolen in `84). Never had a problem with either and they`ve both seen their share of mud and nasty weather.


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