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New to self-filming

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Default New to self-filming

This year I plan to self film my hunts. i will be using a gopro and 2 smartphone cameras to film with. My question to the self-filming hunters, is what video software do you use to modify and edit footage? Any input would be helpful?
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Hi Katt72,
Your choice of software will depend on what you are trying to do with your footage. If you are just trying to splice together sequences, you can use software from the camera provider. If you want to go beyond that, there are some lower cost solutions, but your choice will be dictated by the operating system you use and the speed of your microprocessor. We have a regional TV show and all of the editing is done on Apple's Final Cut Pro X, so you don't have top break the bank to get some higher end editing power. If you give us a few more details around your needs, I'm sure we can help out with some ideas.
One final thought... Make sure you have your stand sets placed for the closest possible shots. The wide angle GoPro will make anything you shoot look twice as far away as it really is!
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I use Adobe Premiere. It's really nice but higher end in cost. Gopro makes a free software as well.
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I tried Adobe Premiere, it was rather good as for me.
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Kind of a late reply, but I thought I'd ask how your season went, and if you learned anything from your current setup. If I read that correctly, you were filming with a GoPro and ***********, but no "main camera" so to speak. If that's the case, I'm sure you figured out it's extremely difficult to get quality footage with just those options as there is no good zoom feature like some of the other cameras more suited for filming have. I currently use a Canon XA10 as my main camera, then a Njaeye camera (like a GoPro but cheaper) for my second angle POV stuff, and even that at times doesn't seem like it's enough. If I were to have the money again, I'd have went with the Canon XA20 for a longer zoom range for when I am hunting longer range or predator hunting open prairies. As far as editing goes, I use Pinnacle Studio 18 for my editing right now and so far I like it. I've been using the same products for a few years now, just upgrading, and it seems like one of the easier programs to learn. I'll likely change to something on the higher end eventually, but for now anyways it seems to do everything I ask and much more. is offline  
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Another late reply. . . Oh well.

Call me an amateur, but I just use the Windows Movie Maker that came with my computer. It's not all that fancy, but it's free and it gets the job done.
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We use Adobe Premiere and it works great. You should share your video on our page. We would love to see it! We have a lot of shows, like Trophy Room Adventures, that air nothing but amateur hunts that people go out and film themselves. You guys should check them out! If you have an editing question, shoot us an email. We would love to help you! We do a tip of the week where we go over this kind of stuff on our website. Be sure to check it out if you get a chance! Happy Hunting and welcome to the real challenge of SELF FILMING HUNTS!
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