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Rozy_hunter 08-17-2022 09:53 AM

Dove Hunting Tips
Hey there,

I'm new to the dove hunting community and had a couple of questions regarding how to set up and get ready for opening day coming up. I have a few decoys and a number of places to scout, but just need to know:

Number of Decoys (Clip-ons, electric, etc.)
Best Feeding Times
Best Ammunition
Decoy Set-Ups

I was hoping to educate myself and others so everyone can have a shot at knocking more birds out of the sky! Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Please comment below.

Oldtimr 09-14-2022 04:40 AM

Shoot forwhere they eat, not where they crap!:biggrin:

Rb43 11-17-2022 05:21 AM

Oh my God, what kind of hunting is this?)

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