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UltimateBirdDog 11-09-2015 03:31 PM

North Western Kansas Opener
Just under a week out from the Kansas opener. Planning to head from Colorado to the North Western Part of the state. Missed all season last year due to being deployed in Afghanistan.

Can anyone tell me if crops are still standing up in that part of the state?

RCIII 11-11-2015 05:25 PM

Have a great hunt and thank you for your service.

UltimateBirdDog 11-12-2015 06:53 AM

RCIII - Thanks. Have a young dogs and will be my son's first year hunting. Sure there will be some bumps in the road this first trip, however excited about getting both of them hooked on bird hunting.

FYI for anyone looking for similar information on crops check out the below link.

CageWalker 11-17-2015 09:56 AM

How was it?

I stayed on the E side of the state and hunted quail. We flushed 3 nice coveys in 3hrs of hunting and only killed 3 birds. We didn't hunt the singles too hard because we plan to hunt the place more this season. Looking to head west to chase some roosters this w/e.

UltimateBirdDog 11-24-2015 12:06 PM

The hunt was great. Brought a few birds home and due to the shooting of two new hunters I had out for there first hunt we left a good number behind due to missed shots.

Was great to get out with the dogs after missing a season. Everyone had a great time and got my son and another friend hooked on upland hunting. Should have been close to limiting out each day however know where to head back to in December and January and more importantly got others interesting in the sport.

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