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Who's an upland hunter here?


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We got after the woodcock big time this fall. Grouse numbers seemed to be way down though!
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I have been doing some Snipe hunting the last couple of years.( not sure if that is upland bird hunting)
It is like a quail on steriods. Great exercise also, it will where you out.
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I'm a upland hunter at heart. Been chasing the Kansas ringneck for about 20 years now. I have two shorthairs and very rarely miss a weekend. Married a farm girl from Western Kansas, one of the smartest things I've ever done!
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I grew up upland hunting with my dad and his dogs, but we are big turkey and deer hunters also. As I got older and old enough to deer hunt on my own I spent a lot of time deer hunting, and been very blessed to have killed some decent bucks over the years. I hate to say it, but I probably went a easy 12 to 13 years without upland hunting with my dad because I was deer hunting, but we still hunted deer and turkey together all those years. Two years ago I killed my buck early in deer season, and decided to go quail hunting with dad, I'm here to tell you all that I had a blast and missed out on a lot of fun not bird hunting with dad and his dogs over all those years. I ended up bird hunting alot with dad the rest of the season, and had a ton of fun. Then this past season I done a whole lot or bird hunting with him, we hunted a bunch here in indiana and we even went out to kansas in january, and had a lot of fun out there. I'll be bird hunting from now on every season.
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I go Pheasant and Dove hunting every year. I spend most of my time now trying to encourage a robust resident Pheasant population and less time hunting them.

For over a decade I raised Pheasant to release, but had pitiful results. The survival rate for the first winter was a round 15%. I was hoping to increase the resident breeding population, but didn't have any real success.

Now I spend most of my time reducing the Fox, Marten, Crows and other nest robbers trying to give the Pheasant a chance at a comeback. I also plant habitat.

My efforts worked out well for the Ducks, the native Pheasant population is static. but not growing. Hare seems to be in about the same situation as Pheasant, static but not doing well.

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I used to and enjoyed hunting with my Irish Settlers. But they have crossed over the rainbow bridge and my health conditions has pretty well slowed me down. But I felt that I was very blessed to have had some great old fashion hunting dogs. Some donít think that they could be very good hunters. But do the research as with any breed of bird dogs and you would have some great success.. These pics are from Rusty when he was at 6 to 18 months of age. He taught me a lot about the style of hunting he enjoyed. I never had to worry about him running off for long as he would always come back looking for me within around 5 minutes..
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Since folks are posting pics of their pups, here are mine, German Wirehair Pointer, I have been blessed to have owned great GWP's, this one, Sport may be the best yet, just turned 3, the other is my second Large Munsterlander, Lauger, very good dog, great nose, tracking master. Still a few birds here in Montana to chase around.
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