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ranchand99 09-12-2012 02:02 PM

lookin at chasin sharpies this weekend...I will be hunting primarily grassland in rolling hills..I have jumped a few in a certain spot a few weeks ago..I hear everyone say walk walk walk...and I can do that,but is there a certain thing that seems to draw them? they like plum thickets,taller shrubs etc..or do you just randomly walk around in hopes of flushing one like I did the other day...Gotta be more to it than that.I hear guys say they look for "grousy" lookin spots...What is "grousy lookin"?

there are no hardwoods,or creeks where I will be hunting..just grass about 12" high and windmills..There are some wild sunflowers..I have been told they like buffaloberry,hawthorne berry,and echinacea...i guess I should just look for shrubs with red berries huh?

The birds I bumped were on the west end of a hill at last light.They had to of been goin to roost there.My plan of attack is to start at that roost site,and work my way around all the hills checking places with cover..

Anyone experienced in this can tell me if I am headed in the right direction,or give me a tip?Not askin for holes..I already know where a few starting points are,just wondering what the terrain is they prefer,so I make the most out of my time spent,and I am unfamiliar with what kind of habits these birds have..Ive never hunted them before...Thanks.

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