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Default identifying dove

I am new to hunting and am planning on hunting dove this september. I have been scouting the area where I will be hunting, which has a lot corn fields. I have seen a lot of birds around these fields, but I can't seem to determine if any of them are dove. There have been several different kinds of birds, one kind being a small black bird, and another that looks something like a dove, being gray and slightly larger than the black birds. I haven't been able to get a good, clear view of them even with binoculars. Is there any tips for identifying doves or being sure that these birds are the game I'm after?
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If there is any power lines near the corn fields, scan those good, doves will habitually land on power lines. Just don't attempt shooting them off the lines, for obvious reasons I'm sure you're aware of

Doves also make several sounds that is easily recognizable and could help you ID 'em before the season starts.

When taking off and landing, their wings make a loud 'whistling' sound. They also have a unique 'call' when perched on the power lines or in the tops of dead trees.

Maybe try searching online for 'mourning dove sounds' could help you out..

When flying, they look similar to pigeons, only smaller and faster. You'll get the hang of it pretty quick.
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There is a definite whistle with their wingbeats. They also fly pretty fast. If you are missing alot, try leading (aiming in front) them more. You'll see them fly in singles, pairs, and small groups of up to 5 or 6. They land on clean bare ground to feed, and they take a big drink of water in the evening.
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Grey rockets................if you're going to miss, miss in front !


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dove typical fly straight and dont do any bobbing or diving like airel stunts. also doves are identified by the aperarance of 1 a large breat 2 narrow wings 3 the neck and head 4 color
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Doves also have very small heads.
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Experience appears to be the only of identifying. The wing beat is regular and that seems to be the key. Of course that's only until shot at then they become expert at dipping, diving, evading your aim and become doves from hell. It is imperative that your shotgun fits you and you don't under any circumstance aim at them.

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