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Best dove load?

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Default Best dove load?

I have done alot of research and I think I have found a good dove load for 12 gauge with a modified choke. Remington Gun Club in #8 shot. They have excellent reviews and have kills at 40+ yards. Please late me know whats shell you use for dove. Want to be able to take down the bird at at least 50 yards with #8 shot.

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Kent Ultimate Upland in 7.5's, not a big fan of 8's
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For me #8's; and I'm sure the guys mean #7 1/2's
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take an old bed sheet and spray paint an dot in the center, then measure off about 35-40 yards and shoot the at the dot. After the first shot check your holes and you can see where the shot went, then go back to the same spot and shoot 4 or five shots at the same dot.

What you will be looking for this time is where the majority of the shot has grouped and if there are any light spots in the patterns.

If they seem fairly evenly dispersed you should not have any real problems, but if they are grouped to one side or the other, then you will have to change your lead to correct for the pattern being off. The sheet will give you a savable record of your gun and load’s performance at that range. You could try using the standard 40 yard range and the 30 inch circle and put the dot in the center of the circle.

That is the standard way to test patterns. Any ways I know you will have a lot of fun on opening day, hit or miss… it is the thrill of being in the outdoors that makes the hunt anyways……
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50yds is a bit far for doves if you're shooting a low brass shell. If distance is what you're after, you have two options: larger shot size or larger powder load (or a shell that gives you both) I've used #6 in a high brass load for doves. It hits 'em hard.

There are some other options that can cost a bit, like handicap or sporting clay loads in #8, or the non-toxics. Non-toxics are not really made for wing shooting applications, but will work, make sure your wallet's thick enough though.

Are you stuck on using a MOD choke? I shot mostly IC at doves. Using MOD in my 12ga seemed to bust 'em up a little too much, my 20ga is just the ticket for me. IC can do a lot in wingshooting applications.

12 ga shells I've liked include:
-Win. highbrass-heavy game #s 8, 7 1/2 and 6
-Wolf dove & quail
-Fed. highbrass #s 8 & 7 1/2*
-Estate 7 1/2

*also tried some Fed. #9, but it wasn't common and more $, and not really necessary.
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Winchester 12 gauge AA super handicap 7.5s. It shoots a 1 1/8 ounce of hard(or magnum) shot at 1250 FPS. I think the biggest thing you can do to kill doves without ringing their necks is shoot magnum shot. Magnum shot is usually found in target loads because its harder and patterns better. I have had good luck with various 1 ounce target loads going around 1300 fps, but prefer 1 1/8 ounce. The cheap loads that you buy at wal-mart that shoots 7/8 ounce of shot at 1350 fps is a lousy dove load. Those loads use the cheapest components, which means soft shot, cheaper propellants and a cheap wad. Their patterns stink. Rem. and federal game loads do use a 1 piece wad wich is desirable over winchester's 3 piece paper base wad, but still dont compare to a good target load. Rem. nitro 27's are a good load as well. And I also think 7.5s are more effective than 8s. I used to use 8s for my dove hunting, but since i switched to 7.5, i havent bit into a piece of shot at the dinner table. I think that 7.5s will also give you 10-15 more yards of effective killing range. I know some guys like 6s but i think 6s should only be used for late season hunts when doves have more plumage.
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Never found the need for a 12 on dove,not really a dangerous game bird so I shoot a 20gauge. Winchester 101 pigeon grade with mod/ic slinging 7 1/2's or even shoot Mdl 21 in skeet/skeet with same cheap loads and kill them out to 30-35 yards...but I'm in west Texas where when birds fly you can pick your shots. If shooting a 12 I would shoot mod with any 7 1/2 shot
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I always liked the winchester super x's. shot size is up to you depending on what you shoot better. i like 7's. some might think the super x's are lame for shooting doves with, but i like taking long pokes at them. these shells are good for either close or long range
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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Try using your full choke if you want to shoot over 40 yards away.
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