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whitetailpredatorsizedoesmatter 04-19-2004 11:23 AM

OH 17 18th
Friday night listened to a longbeard gobble. he has been in the same spot for the last 3 weeks rosted beside one of my treestands. went out sat morning, took the video camera sat up along the field edge and was jus goin to want for them to get to the field to get some good fotage. i had to tun it on at dark to get all the comotion they were makin ended up one big gobbler he walked about 10 yards from me and i had it on his spurs, i killed a few gobblers with 1 3/4 spurs but these looked larger, they had a heak of a curl to them. all together 5 gobbblers, 4 jakes and 3 hens. after they got out of sight i started drivin to about 20 or 25 other properties, either ours or places i can hunt.. got alltogether from sat and sun mornings 35 gobblers 17 jakes and 54 hens thats just the ones i saw.

Sunday morning i went out to the same spot i was the day before. i sat up in a different spot the gobbler never said anything on roost but this time the big boy had 6 hens and nothing else, one hen flew down like 20 yards form me , then i heard the rest cackleing so i started videoing them followed the next one all the way to the ground then 2 flew right between me and the other birds, i could hear the wind off the grass i looked up and she is right beside me i could have kicked her but i zoomed out then she filled up the hole then all the sudden bam.. bam bam... he gobbled wantin them to conme back to him so the spun aroud and went back to where they were roosted.. so i got up walked up in the field . looked back and here they come out again then 4 longbeards pop out between me and the 6 hens and the gobbler. once i got up on the hill watchin these birds i could hear at least 8 more, from what i could tell it sounded like the were all in our pasture fields but not noticable from a road. So that is what i was doin all weekend, takin 2 youngins out sat and sun so should have a few tags to fill..

huntnma 04-19-2004 05:27 PM

RE: OH 17 18th
sounds like a great weekend;)[8D]:D

DBaker 04-19-2004 07:02 PM

RE: OH 17 18th
Good deal. If you don't remember me I'm you're "trespassing" friend who you PM the other day. Sorry I had too. Birds gobbled great this weekend didn't they? I was down on some farms I have permission to hunt, whoops, I mean trespassing, and heard lot of birds. Even got permission to hunt another 300+ acre farm down in southern ohio. But you'll probably still think I am trespassing because I am an out of towner. Good luck this season. I'll be out Sat with a youth trespassing on some farms and then I'll be out Mon-Wed trespassing some more. Hope ya bag a bigun.

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