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kezarwoodsman 05-06-2022 01:22 PM

Push pin box call not making sound
So, I have never turkey hunted before (small game only), and decided I wanted to start, so I bought a push pin call (The Grind brand), after I failed to get anything good out of a diaphragm call. All in all it seemed to work good, until i went to go flip the pin so i could see if i needed to apply chalk to the underside (has some form of black coating so i think im good there), and since putting it back it the only sound it makes is a faint frictiony sound (like two boards rubbing together, so 100% not what a turkey call should sound like), and I have no clue to how to fix it. Obviously this is a mistake on my end, and if i need to buy a new one i will, but id like to avoid that if at all possible.

Bocajnala 05-07-2022 04:02 AM

Maybe try looking that call, or something similar, up on YouTube? That was you can see how it's supposed to be put together and get it right?


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