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JW 04-14-2022 06:13 PM

Out of the mouth of babes!
I have one grandson who really wants to hunt turkeys with me this yr. It's youth season this coming weekend in Wisconsin.
ive been scouting my heart out and at rhe same time trying to teach my young grandson.
He has smart phone. He is 2 hrs away. So ive been texting him of what i am seeing.
Well the other night after an evening scout i texted,
"I just put 20 turkeys to bed, 2 nice Toms there too!"

He was up in his bedroom. Once he read that trxt, he rushes downstairs and hollers, "Mom-mom guess what? Poppa just killed 20 turkeys! I can't wait! Man I want to do that!"
And my daughter starts laughing as she knows what I meant. She has turkey hunted with me in the past. So she explained to my grandson.

Wingbone 04-15-2022 01:31 AM

:biggrin:. In a couple years, I hope to have the same reaction from mine. Gotta get a bird for his dad first.

JW 04-15-2022 06:31 AM

It is mist rewarding. I have taken many youngsters out. Most do get a bird.
And i have taught Learn to Hunt programs from our sportsman club.

We scouted our hearts out this morning. Total Lock Jaw.
And its snowing.

We did roost 3 nice toms last night.

But with the high einds and big temerature drop it making scouting difficult this morning.

Wingbone 04-16-2022 02:42 AM

I hear you. Tough scouting this spring. Good luck.

JW 04-16-2022 03:11 PM

Well my hunter missed!
And all my fault.
fault scope was off! I should have checked that! Not my young hunters fault.


Wingbone 04-17-2022 12:57 AM

It happens. If you've never missed a turkey, you haven't been hunting very long. He got his first one out of the way. At least he had the opportunity. On a day like yesterday, that's an accomplishment.

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