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Phil from Maine 09-18-2020 07:11 AM

Would like a little help
Hi all I am wondering if thereís anyway to get a flock or at least some birds to move from a field? I was driving by a place with a big field and there was more birds in it then I have ever seen up here. So I am curios if there is any way that might be possible to get one or two to move out from it. There is a power line dividing the field from a section of woods running along one side of it. I am hoping to get one to come that way. The people who own doesnít want anyone hunting his property. So thatís what I am hoping to get some ideas on.

DJfan 09-18-2020 03:38 PM

I would first put effort into learning their habits and patterns. Where do they roost? What other paths do they take? Are there other fields that they frequent? If there is no access to them, and you are stuck trying to get them off that field to an available area (do they go there on their own ever?), use decoys (only high quality ones are worth a hoot, IMO), and calls. I'm not a huge believer in my local birds coming to a call or decoy. Out my way (by my opinion only) they find comfort an curiosity in decoys and limited calls, but not the need to rush out to them.

Best of luck! Post pics!

Oldtimr 09-18-2020 03:51 PM

This, the above, the odds of breaking birds away from a flock are very low. Watch the flock, pattern them and put yourself in their line of travel.

Phil from Maine 09-18-2020 07:16 PM

I was thinking that there really is not a lot I can do except to try and wait them out hoping that part of the flock will wander off towards that power line and the woods. There is a field out back of there thatís separated by some fur trees and a road running threw it. Itís all owned by the same people. So I guess my best bet is to walk up that line a ways and maybe catching some of them crossing it. I saw a couple of them flying up to roost in some trees that is on there land. So most likely not all of them are roosting together. Hopefully my hunch is right and they will be crossing that line to roost as well. If so I should be able to catch one crossing it..

Timbrhuntr 09-19-2020 07:07 AM

Are you looking at hunting them this fall or scouting for next spring? A few places I hunt the birds flock up and roost a certain farm most of the winter but in the spring they break up and spread out leaving very few on that original property in the spring. If you are looking to just get them to the area you hunt one thing I have done that works is I have set up corn feeders and attracted the birds onto the farm I hunt. Once they get used to the free dinner and hang around I remove the feeder and if the habitat is otherwise turkey friendly they continue to frequent it. I have one spot where I never saw one bird but had several flocks in properties across the road. After attracting them with the feeder I now after a few years have a resident flock that stays there year round.

Phil from Maine 09-19-2020 04:54 PM

No feeding the wild life except for bear baits or trapping. Our turkey season opened for the fall hunting this past Monday. As our hunting seasons are rapidly coming upon us the feeding is not allowed until mid December. So yes I am hunting the turkeys right now. I had been staying at camp until this past Wednesday and forgotten about turkey hunting until after a few turkeys were getting posted and I had my shotgun home. I did see turkeys up there but couldnít hunt them wI thought it.. I noticed that they were traveling to different areas as well. We are currently in a big drought with little nuts and the like for all wildlife this year. So I am thinking that that big flock will soon be moving on again. Or at least I am hoping it will be.. I am not sure what effect the drought is having on them other than they are flocking up early this year..

elkman30 09-20-2020 01:42 AM

Where do the turkeys roost? In the trees where you can hunt? You may have to spend a few days patterning the birds.

excalibur43 09-21-2020 05:46 AM

Ambush! If possible, as has already been said, find out where they roost and how they get to the field. If you can get in between, that would be best. If they fly from the roost directly into the field and back to the roost, I would try maybe ( while they are in the field ) , a Redtail Hawk call, Great Horned Owl, Coyote howl or something predatory like that. Maybe scare them out of the field. Turkey's pretty much do what they want, when they want so, if these things don't work, you may just be stuck watching them. Good luck!

Phil from Maine 10-06-2020 01:51 AM

Thank you all for the suggestions and I never had any luck. Our archery season is now opened up so I am moving on to deer hunting now.

JW 10-14-2020 08:38 AM

fall hunting has it's own challenges. Far different than spring.
1. As said pattern. Be where they want to feed and be there before they get there.
2. Find a flock, sneak as close as you can and then rush them. Run at them screaming and hollering. Your goal is to make them fly in all directions. When the flock is busted up, sit down in that spot, wait a bit and start calling. Use lost hen calls and a series of kee-kee run calls. You'll get a few to come back.
3. Sneak as close as you can to get your shot. I have done this and bagged a bird and also busted up the flock and was able to use #2 to get a 2nd bird many times.
Tom's will gobble in the fall but not very often.
4. Sit known roost spots

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