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blksn8k 05-14-2020 04:26 PM

Odd Turkey Behavior
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I put out a couple of trail cams about two weeks before the PA spring season which started on 5/2/20. I've checked them a few times since but hadn't really seen much in the way of turkeys. I see lots of does and yearlings and even had a bobcat pass by one night. However, when I checked them yesterday the camera in my orchard had over 500 photos from 5/3 through 5/13. Again, mostly deer but on 5/10 between 8:28 AM and 12:52 PM I had 179 photos of a group of four jakes. It averaged less than two minutes between photos. If anyone had told me turkeys would stay in one spot for almost 4 1/2 hours in broad daylight I would have said they were crazy. Not sure what they found so interesting there since the temp never rose above 48 the entire time so I doubt they were catching many bugs.

BTW, I took a gobbler on the first day of the PA season on my property at 7:05 AM. It had a 9" beard, 1" spurs and weighed 18 lbs. I was using a Tristar Hunter Mag O/U 12GA that I bought used on back in January. The gun came with a pair of Carlson .665 chokes along with the five factory choke tubes. I added a set of Truglo sights which included a ghost ring rear sight. I also added a Limbsavers recoil pad and a sling. I was shooting Win Long Beard XR 3.5" 2oz #5 shot. Shot him with the top barrel at about 30 yards while sitting at the base of a hemlock and using an old Lynch World Champion box.

Timbrhuntr 05-14-2020 04:52 PM

Great bird there. Congrats !

mrbb 05-14-2020 05:25 PM

well congrats
and who knows with turkeys I seen them do many odd things over the yrs HAHA!
maybe was a cold night and took a while for them to warm up, or possibly a hen was laying on eggs and they were keeping her company, staying near by!

Bocajnala 05-15-2020 03:19 AM

Nice bird blksnk!


CalHunter 05-15-2020 08:56 AM

Congrats on the tom!!

Phil from Maine 05-16-2020 12:12 PM

Congratulations! Nice bird!

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