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Phil from Maine 04-26-2019 05:25 PM

Turkey season is finally arriving up here!
Turkey season is opening up!! Yessah! Tomorrow is youth day here and Monday is the start of our season! It has been a long wait for this to get here. It almost seams like it gets to be a longer waiting period each year with all the southern states already hunting for them! Hopefully I will get a chance at one on Monday..

Arrowmaster 04-26-2019 07:15 PM

good luck Phil :)

Bocajnala 04-26-2019 08:17 PM

Bought my Ohio tags today.

Monday is my opener.

Good luck. I won't be out until Tuesday probably.


Phil from Maine 04-28-2019 03:46 AM

Thanks guys I am hopeful that I can get a bow shot at one in the morning. One will wander threw the back field every once and a while..

GOOD OLE BOY 04-28-2019 02:52 PM

Good luck.

Phil from Maine 04-29-2019 01:40 AM

This morning is opening day and I will be at it trying to get a long beard to show itself. I am planning on hunting in the back field for a while this morning. Hopefully one of those big birds will still be around..

Bocajnala 04-29-2019 01:58 AM

I can hunt from 9-11 this morning.

Then daylight till 930 tomorrow morning.

​​​​​​Hoping for some good luck in Ohio!


Phil from Maine 04-29-2019 05:44 AM

Good luck Jake..

I had four deer come out by me while I was setting in my blind. One of which came in close and started stomping and blowing at me. Then they all trotted off. A short time later that big Tom came by me. He strutted and gobbled up a storm but wouldn’t come in for a bow shot. Then two hens came along and he chased them out of the field. So I changed my decoy set up and hoping to see him again. He was seen yesterday going threw the field around 5 ish . So hopefully he will be back and give me a bow shot. I did see a hen go running back down the field. So he shouldn’t be to far away. No matter it’s been a great morning to be out here..

Bocajnala 04-29-2019 08:30 AM

Saw two deer, no turkey seen or heard.

Called in a couple geese though.... Maybe I'm doing it wrong

Took the wife's 20 gauge Mossberg out this morning. So far all it's been used for is squirrel


blsjds 04-30-2019 05:32 AM

Good luck, guys!

The season opens here in NY on Wed, 5/1 and goes through 5/31. Half hour before sunrise to noon.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is calling for rain showers each day this week. Have you guys had successful hunts in the rain? (This is my first time turkey hunting, btw)

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