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2016 Expectations

Old 02-01-2016, 11:57 PM
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Default 2016 Expectations

What are your expectations for the year?

The last few I kinda had a feeling for what the season might be like. I'm not sure this year. I have had this theory that the extremely warm Feb. we had 4 years ago led to a very early hatch. The next year I heard tons of reports of gobbling jakes with 5-6 inch beards. Last year I heard of more huge birds than I had ever heard of. 18-19pounds is an average Alabama bird but I heard of LOTS of 21-23 lb birds. Most had 1.25+ spurs. My theory is that these were the early hatch birds of 2012 that due to very favorable conditions were able to outgrow normally hatched birds.

Not sure what I think I'll see this year. Didn't hear just a bunch of jakes last year but that's nothing abnormal. Very mild winter. I'll be hunting some new ground again this year. Last year proved to be very good on some new ground. I'll be hunting the same area but this year I have a few more hundred acres to explore. The only bummer is that I have a cold mill outage the 3rd week of April and I won't have any vacation to use due to an elk hunt in September.
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I'm going to kill my first bird this year, which will be my third season. Either that or I'll call one in for my brother to kill. Hopefully both.

The weather is going to be rocky, though. Our local meteorologist is saying that El Nino years feature more tornadoes in the southeastern US, and I think he's right.

EDIT: I just saw you're from Hatton. I'm down in Houston, and hunt Bankhead. I was out a couple weeks ago and saw a pretty good looking flock, so hopefully when the season opens they'll still be kicking.
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I'm getting super stoked for this season!! Not really sure what my expectations are other than have fun. I'd really like to have a year comparable to last year, in which I killed 5 myself and called in another 5 for others. Really want to get my 2 little brothers a bird, help get my dad a bird, and help one of my good buddies get his first. It's gonna be fun no matter what. I know for sure I'm hunting Oklahoma and Iowa this spring. Was planning to hunt Kansas also but looks like that might not work out this year but we may replace that with a trip to Missouri, we will see. I just know that I cant wait!!
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With the very mild winter here so far in WNY, I'm hoping that the birds will make it to the spring in fine shape. Hope that there are many gobblers to choose from come May 1st!!
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Im hoping to kill a bird in each state I hunt this year. Also to beat JW with a bigger bird in the spring contest.
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Biologists insist it's more the length of the day than weather that affects turkey breeding and nesting. So it should happen about the same time every year.
We had a lot of birds last year and only two were killed off the property so I'm very optimistic about this spring!
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they say our hatch last year and this year was the best in 8-10 years. Bet there's a lot of jakes this year but that just means good gobbling 2 yr olds next year. hopefully with me and wife, 4 tags= 4 dead birds.
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My expectations for 2016 turkey season are same as always have fun and take home a nice gobbler, maybe even be able to hunt a new area, that's always fun.
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Like most years, hunt a few states, kill a handful of birds.
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Very mild winter here in Vermont. Mast crop from last fall is still plentiful in the woods. I don't see much happening in the way of winter kill. Should be birds everywhere. Would like to get my daughter her first bird. That would make my year!
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