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Would you shoot a jake?

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Would I prefer a mature tom? Absolutely? Will I shoot a jake if I haven't filled a tag for the season yet? Absolutely. After that, I, personally, would be going after toms only. All up to you. Don't let anybody bully you into feeling a certain way about it. You're hunting for yourself...not a bunch of dudes from all over the place on a forum online. Do what you feel best doing. Besides...jakes taste good!
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If I had a presentable shot with a bow & arrow...I'd might take a shot at a jake, since my first compound bow turkey kill was a jake. If I have not filled my first tag {two gobbler tags for spring season in Maryland} later in the season {with a shotgun}...I'd probably take a shot at a jake --- on the other hand --- I'd might let the jake walk.
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Nah - but I carry Velcro and a paste on beard extention!

Have I - Yes. A few. I was fooled last yr on the last day by what I thought was a mature bird. It wasn't

I always try to take the strutter out if there are 2 - try not to shoot jakes, but I have taken several over the years. If it's the only thing I see I let them walk.
I hunt a lot more than many of you here.

To me it is up to the hunter - I don't belittle anyone - It is your hunt - as long as it is legal and you are not looking back over your shoulder and the hunt was ethical once your bird is down - then heck ya! It's you memory not mine.

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Originally Posted by tacklebox
Shoot what makes ya happy
my sentaments exataly
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I understand shoot what makes you happy thing and yes that is true. I always enjoy turkey hunting and I have taken many in the 8 to 11 inch bearded turkeys. I took a 5 to 6 inch a few years ago and I do believe it may have been the smallest but that really doesn't matter to me. I would also take a lesser if it comes down to the last weekend or so. I hunt with bow so for me any legal bird is a big thing for me. It really doesn't matter 4 or 11 inch it still is a challange everytime out with a bow. I have been very lucky to have taken great mature birds.
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If you did , does it make you any less of a hunter " Not one bit " its a legal bird and some don't care and some won't but really who cares ? your still a turkey hunter The End !
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Originally Posted by Murdy
I hunt some highly pressured public land -- and I'd be happy with anything I can legally shoot that gets within shotgun range.
I have to laugh.................I meet people that say how easy it is to shoot a turkey, coyote, deer, etc. because they walk right into "my own backyard".

Any "educated" turkey, coyote, deer, etc. you can get close enough to kill, I say it's your choice !!!
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My first turkey was a jake and I was as proud if it had had a 9in beard.I was just amazed my calling really worked and four jakes walked out fans flying and I choose the biggest one and he ate just fine.
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Originally Posted by buckman11
I will still shoot a BIG jake. im not gonna go shootin a bird with a 3" beard...butget up to 6" ill take em.
I Agree. i would't go shootin a puny little guy it has to be a fairly good size.
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I won't even think twice about it in the fall.

In the spring, all depends on who I'm hunting with (some friends don't want jakes killed on their properties), my mood, and how late in the season it is. But I'm just as proud of every jake as every old tom I've killed.
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