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AESOutdoors 04-23-2013 09:15 AM

Where did the turkeys go?
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So here is the private farm that I hunt turkeys. When we were scouting we were seeing over 80 turkeys that would roost in the trees that are circled in white. They would all head out to the east following the white arrow and go about 3/4 of a mile away to a road and then disappear into the tamaracks for the day. Opening weekend however due to a mix up of communication between us and the land owner, they were pushed out by a group of boyscouts who camped down there. They crossed the river south and have slowly been returning ever since. Now my question is this...

Sunday morning my buddy and I went and hunted that farm and we heard jakes and tom's gobbling and then they all came of the roost. Then all the turkeys took off following the red line and disappeared. We went back that night thinking they would come back to the roost but they never did. So we went back out the next morning and went into the trees on the west and never heard them again. Where do you think they would have gone and why would they not come back to the roost that they are in almost every night. Is this normal turkey behavior or did they get pushed a little more than I thought.

Sorry really long read but I wanted you guys to have all the information! Thanks!

Thunderchicken217 04-25-2013 05:51 AM

Never can tell what they might do as whenever I think I have them pegged they throw me a curve ball. If it were me the property looks plenty large enough for 2 people to hunt. If they roost where you were originally seeing them I would set yourself along the 1 line be it the red or white and set your buddy in the opposite direction. Of course making sure your safe and know exactly where each other is and far enough apart for shooting safety. Seems to me 1 of you should get a crack that way. Now if only 1 of you can call very well and your doing the buddy system that might not work but if your both experienced callers it should work out. I know people like to sit with someone when turkey hunting as I do as well sometimes but if your main goal is for 1 of you to get a bird this seems the best way to me. Good luck and keep us posted.

rritchey sr. 04-25-2013 11:00 AM

where are the turkeys
I would hunt west to the river and look for sign. if that is fruitless i would head north along the woods and river. they have to have water and they are probably getting it from the river. is there any food in those plots? if there are oaks along the river they maybe eating last years acorns for food. the noise of others on the property may have pushed them out of where you were seeing them prior. worst case they flew across the river and are feeding and roosting over there.

AESOutdoors 04-25-2013 12:26 PM

@Thunderchicken217 - My buddie that I am hunting with is running the camera for the hunts on this property. He has other places that he is going to hunt otherwise I would have us split up. There are other hunter who are out there when we arent out there however.

@rritchey sr. - There is sign all the way up the river to the red line, which is a state wildlife area that is a draw only unit. But there are roosting sites all the way up into there. I have never seen them roost up there though. or heard the birds up there. I know they go up that way and go to the river but have never gotten one to shock gobble or been able to locate them once they get past that west field. When they were busted a couple weekends back, a lot of people told us they saw turkeys crossing the highway across the river straight south of the picture. There used to be 70+ birds roosting in the trees in the white circles but lately we have only seen around 20. There is still a nice tom with that group though.

The field that the white line goes through still has some corn in it but the other fields do not really have anything and they rarely hang out in them. They were really henned up last weekend so I am hoping that they will have breed by now and will be a little more desperate to mate this weekend if they are back on where they usually roost.
Thanks for the replies!

Gamblinman 04-26-2013 05:07 AM

Find the hens!!
Gobblers almost always follow the hens. Hens change their patterns in the spring to good laying and nesting habitat...the gobblers follow.


Phil from Maine 04-26-2013 11:57 AM

Originally Posted by Gamblinman (Post 4053717)
Find the hens!!
Gobblers almost always follow the hens. Hens change their patterns in the spring to good laying and nesting habitat...the gobblers follow.


That is exactly what I am thinking right now. We see big flocks every spring that breaks up during this time of year for breeding purposes. Then in late summer start showing back up again. There is always a few that will stay and hang around though..

Good Luck to you..

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