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woodsdweller 06-25-2003 09:04 PM

looking for a new turkey gun
I now have an 835 ulti mag. this is my second, first would not pattern for beans. sent it back dealer said there was a burr in the barrel and offered me a new one. he only had a crown grade with a 28" barrel so i took it. he handed me fifty back to boot. this is the second season with it and the length of pull is about an inch longer. it has a scope and its hard to get a full sight picture. we all know how fun it is when big tom shuts up and comes in in a direction where he was not 15 minutes ago. so i am thru with mossburg and am looking for a modest priced shot gun either pump or auto.

also how dose everyone view the 3" vs. 3.5" inch

thanks for the help

trapper T 06-25-2003 10:23 PM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
I' ve seen the Benelli Nova turkey guns for around $350 this season. My Brother inlaw has one and man you can' t beat that gun. Pretty sharp litte Shotgun.

TScottW99 06-26-2003 03:24 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
Hey someone beat me to it ;)

I won a Benelli Nova back in March at our local NWTF banquet. I' m very happy with this new gun. Good shooting & feeling gun. The gun can be taken down in 30 seconds, which I like, much like a Glock pistol in my mind. Some people don' t care for the loose forearm which is a problem that only takes two seconds to fix. It' s loose so that there is give incase dirt/mud/ice/water/sand etc.. get' s into the action and the gun can still work. If you buy one, let me know I' ll tell you how to tighten it.

KitsapCaller 06-26-2003 06:19 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
At about $339 I like my 3.5" Remington 870 Super Mag shotgun. The only gun I would' ve taken over it was the Browning BPS at more money.

yankeehunter 06-26-2003 06:53 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
I also sometimes use the 870, mine is a 20 guage and shoots 3" shells. I patterns as good at 35 yards as any shotgun I have ever seen or used. As far as comparing 3" to 3.5" , I personally wouldn' t want to have anything over 3" . My first two turkeys were taken with a 2 3/4" at 22 and 35 yards. Both birds went down like a sack of potatoes, 3.5" is over rated. But that' s my opinion.

loner 06-26-2003 07:49 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun

Wooddust 06-26-2003 09:05 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
I concur on the 870 SPS....3 1/2 inch is fine but Ive never fired it with them cause 3 inch does the trick and i wont make long range shots

snowdog2 06-26-2003 10:12 AM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
For all of you that think a 3" 12 gauge shell is all right for killing turkeys, I want to say that my wife killed a turkey with a 2 3/4" 20 gauge this past spring, but that will never convince me that all hunters should only carry 2 3/4" 20 gauge guns, or that a 3 1/2 " 12 gauge shell isn' t more lethal than a 2 3/4" 20 or a 3" 12. As a matter of fact, I have been wondering why I don' t pick up a 10 gauge for turkeys. And I' m not just talking about long range, either. It has to do with the load you actually deliver. Right now, though, I' m pretty convinced the ideal turkey gun would be an over/under, syntehtic stock and forepiece, camo, ported, polished and bored, 26" barrels, maybe 24" , choked extra full (for those 40+ yard hung-up toms) and improved cylinder (for those close encounters), with a Bushnell mini-holosight (or Accupoint) scope (mounted on flip-off scope mounts with a fiber optic backup sighting system in place, in case the batteries die), sling, and shooting Remington Hevi-shot or Nitro Hevi-shot custom multiplex. I just don' t know what gauge, 10 or 12--probably 12 w/ 3 1/2" capacity, if there is such a creature (in over/under). Does anybody know who might make the basic gun (12 gauge 3 1/2" over/under with camo synthetic stock)? The rest can be add-on.

Deleted User 06-26-2003 06:35 PM

[Deleted by Admins]

strut 06-26-2003 07:14 PM

RE: looking for a new turkey gun
Heres is another well pleased Rem 870 super-mag owner, for the money you can' t beat' m.

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