Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

Need a little help.

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Default Need a little help.

Hey all. I have never posted on the Turkey forums before because honestly I have never really got into turkey hunting. I have only gone a few times with my son a few years back to give it a shot but we never got all that serious. A friend of mine has convinced me to go again and "really" try it before I knock it and my son wants to do it again soooo here I am. He said he would give us the rundown on turkey hunting when we got there but I dont like the idea of doing that. I did a little research online and Im guessing our Bear hunting camo will be good (leafy wear suit, mask, etc) and my Remington 870s. One is a 12 ga the other is a 20 ga both 3" chambers. I just bought a turkey choke for each and we have been practicing with some Remington #4 but the patterns dont seem all that great. Any input on some good ammo, especially for the 20 ga seeing how there is a bunch out there? Should I just buy 5 or 6 kinds and try them like with my big game loads? What would be the max range for the 20ga? I was also wondering about some calls. I picked up a few primos mouth calls and a M.A.D. calls hatchet box call and with more practice I just might be able to use them. I also saw this tube call online. Haydels turkey flute. Anyone ever try one? Are they good or crap? Any input appreciated.
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both 5's and 6's are good,i shoot 3 1/2 in 5's with a kicks choke and its great from 40-50 yards.as for the 20 gauge,id say it can shoot 30 to 40 yards(40 might be pushing it).get yourself a slate call too,imo they sound the best.also you might want to get a owl hoot.or a crow call.my #1 tip is dont over call and hold still.good luck.
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StillHunter90 - I shoot a Remington 870 20 ga. I have shot a lot of different rounds through it this spring trying to get a decent pattern. (I also use a Remington Super Full Turkey Choke) So perhaps you can gain some benefit from my sore shoulder and pocket book!!! haha

Best Load - 3" Remington Nitro #5 (delivered 60 shots in kill zone)
2nd Best - 3" Federal Turkey Loads #5 (delivered 45 shots in kill zone)

I tried several different Winchester loads - they did good too. I had mid-30's in the kill zone - which let's face it, that'll kill a turkey!

There can be so many variables - but it really comes down to which load YOUR shotgun will like! If you get a chance - keep us posted on how it turns out!!! I'd like to hear!

I'm glad you're giving turkey hunting another chance! Good luck!!!!!

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Thank you everyone for the tips. It is all greatly appreciated. I will let know how we make out.
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I really like the Winchesters in #4 through my 12 ga. It has wacked them good out to 50+ yards or so. I've seen birds roll and then fly with the 5's, so I stay away from them even though some of the best turkey hunters I know use them effectively out to distances that amaze me. For the longer shots if your hunting more open areas I would recommend a heavier size shot or a 3-1/2" gun.
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i use 6 shot and heres why. More pellets and #1 reccomended in field n stream. Ha.
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I would seriously try the hevi shot!

I use the Hevi shot magnum blend,it has #5,#6 &#7 shot in a shell.
But regular #6 hevi shot is great also.It has the knockdown power of regular #4 turkey loads.
PLUS,u get more pellets in the shell using hevi shot without sacrificing knockdown power!Which is perfect for smaller gauge shotguns.

Its exspensive,But after all ur hard work,wakeing up early every morning etc.
And when u finally get that turkey to come in,It is all worth it!

As for calls,I prefer the woods haven mouth calls.
Any friction call,that u can get a decent yelp out of will work,
Slate calls are among the favorite.
If ur having trouble with using those calls,

Buy one of the push button yelpers.My son takes birds every yr with one.
Good luck & have fun...
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I shoot Federals and live by them. You will get a lot of input on what you should shoot. Id experiment with other shells and go from there. Use what shoots best from your gun.
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I'll second Hevi Shot. I hesitated to try them for a long time because of cost, but once I did I don't think I'll be switching back to lead anytime soon. The patterns are that much better. Check to make sure the chokes you bought are rated for hevi shot though before you go try them. I'd also get a pot type call. I've been using a Primos Power Crystal lately and it has been my go to call. Can't beat it for around $20. Good Luck!
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Thanks again everyone for the tips. $228.63 later and I have a bunch of different loads and brands of ammo. Damn that Heavi shot is expensive. I also bought a bunch of different calls. Mouth calls, a slate call that turkey flute and some decoys to go with what I bought last week. I hope this isnt as addictive as everyone says if you get into it because Im not sure I can afford another addiction . Thanks again.
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