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Got to love trespassers

Old 04-17-2010, 06:12 PM
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Default Got to love trespassers

Got to my hunting spot this morning. I place my two decoys up in the field about 25 yards away from where I am going to put up my blind. So I go to get setup and see 3 figures 75 yards away walking into the field. I freeze as I know they won't see me all decked out into my leafy suit also wearing a face mask. Was at 600 am so still pretty low light.

They noticed my decoys about 50 yards away and stopped. I don't know who they are but have a clue as they walked in from old log road that is grown up. So if they know that road is there they are from 1 of 3 houses on a lane next to the property. They talked for a minute or two and then started backing out. I stood still for about 15 minutes looking through my bino's. I eventually sat down but kept watching that old log road where the went back to. I couldn't take it for more than 20 minutes and packed my crap and left. Felt like I was being watched

Going to call the landowner and tell him about it. Had problems with trespassers during deer season this past yr also. Also going to put the Game wardens number into my cell phone to speed things up if I see anyone again.

Really glad my son didn't go with me this morning.
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Old 04-17-2010, 07:10 PM
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hope either u catch em or they stop my arkansas youth season me and dad saw a person tresspassen and the week after that me and my uncle heard/saw tresspasser's!
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Old 04-18-2010, 04:24 AM
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Talk about a frustrating scenario! That's when we all muddle under our breath, that we wish we had our own land to hunt and preserve for hunting... Man - that would have made me mad! Thank goodness they didn't decide to back up and due to the low light take a shot at your decoys! Being in the woods with trespassers makes me uneasy, I don't blame you for leaving!!! It's just too bad they screwed up your hunt!!!

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Old 04-18-2010, 11:13 AM
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A couple of shots in the air will usually scatter them...

As they run off let them know they need to stay off...
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Old 04-18-2010, 12:52 PM
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Man..... I just hope that wasnt me.......
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Old 04-18-2010, 01:09 PM
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Last Spring my neighbor noticed a pickup parked in a small clear spot on the front of my property, when he turned aroung to check it out a guy came out of my woods and went straight to the truck. Jerry blocked him in and asked what he was doing there, the guy actually had the nerve to say that I had given him permission to shroom hunt on my land! Jerry then inormed him that there was no way that was true, and to leave immediately or the sheriff would be called. I'll be installing some tire spikes along that stretch of property in case there's a repeat this year. I'd put a gate on the driveway so that the creeps would have to park in plain sight, but then we wouldn't be able to get package deliveries.
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I was waiting for them to take a shot at my decoys. But guess they saw them and figured out really quick that someone else was already there and they were being watched.

A friend of my wife lost her father while turkey hunting. He was sitting there calling and a guy trespassing heard him and shot at the sound.
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Old 04-18-2010, 05:11 PM
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Next time hit them with your flashlight,
or let them know u r there!In a human voice not by a turk call etc!!(Dont worry about scaring the turks.Safety is more important!)
And by doing that u will also be letting them know U hunt there!!

I was shot many yrs ago like that!!
Still have over 50 #4 copperplated pellets in me.The rest surfaced and dr.would give me a shot to numb and small slice and pop it out.They will cause more damage cutting in thru muscle etc.to try and get them all out at once!
The body will except most pellets,and will reject some they will surface one by one over time.
Be safe ....

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