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Stubborn Gobbler?

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Default Stubborn Gobbler?

Last season I had a gobbler about 100 yards from me but I could never get him to come closer. I would call and he would gobble but it didnt seem like he was responding to me. I stupidly got up and tried to get a little closer and he aparently saw me because I never saw him. What should I have done?
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

not knowing the type of terrain you are in...if that happends to me (and it usually does) i stop calling a wait a while to make sure he is not coming in...i will get up and move around towards him, but not in a straight line...move slow and quiet to make sure not to spook him....something is holding him up....stream, fence, hens? something....best thing to do is to get somewhere where you can see (usually best to see with binoculars as you don't want to get too close) if you find what is holding him up then wait a while or come back later and set up where you are closer to the barrier or if he has hens, still try to get set up where you heard him....most birds are creatures of habit, if he came to that point, then he knows it is safe and will most likely come that close again...good luck on getting him this year.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

When gobblers hang up like that lots of times they are waiting for the hens to come to them. If you call and he gobbles every time but gets no closer, he's probably interested but he wants you to come to him. What I would do is play hard to get. He knows you're there, and if you keep calling he's just gonna keep waiting. Start calling softer, just a cluck now and then or a purr, maybe just scratch the leaves and don't call at all. Make it sound like you're a content hen just feeding. If he knows you're there and he wants some, he'll come to you. Another thing that makes them hang sometimes is if you're using a lone hen decoy and he sees it. Again, he might want that hen to come to him. I always use a jake and a hen when I put out dekes so that the gobbler won't wait on the hen, he'll come pick a fight with the jake.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

Sounds like it's time to pull out the 22-250. Just kidding. This usually happens to me when I have been waiting to go pee for about an hour. So I'll get adjusted and pee and if I havent spooked him I'll continue to move to a different postition and try calling him again. This will work most times for me.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

Something that has worked for me in the past is to take out a gobble shaker and pump it a few times. It's not going to work every time, but I've called a few stubborn gobblers in with it, along with a few yelps. I also like to scratch the leaves. Seems like scratching leaves always gets their attention. Of course, there is always that gobbler who won't commit regardless of what you do, but it's sure fun trying to get him committed.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

The answers are pretty much covered by the expert turkey hunters responses thus far.

However, sometimes they just won't come into calling. That is what makes it so much fun....Best not to panic or go for broke, if you have more days to hunt. Try to roost him..if no luck be there early in the morning to get close to his gobbling, set out some decoys, use a different call. Call very little while he is in the tree and only enough to let him know where you are at after he hits the ground and maybe a rake in the leaves. If he walks close enough to see the decoys (Love traingle works good) he will probably come in. Be piatent...time means nothing to a turkey....
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

I've killed 20 or so birds, and not that I'm the all grand turkey slaying master but you should have stayed put. It's very hard to fool those keen eyes. I've had toms lock up on me on a few occasions similiar to yours. He was probably locked up on a downed limb or I've seen them lock up in the middle of a field because of a small depression or ditch in the field. I stay put, if you have his attention and he's ready to breed, he'll eventually make his way to you. Patience and Persistance.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

I will usually try to switch calls to see if there is something he likes better and call in the opposite direction from where he is.If that doesn't work I will try and call to the boss hen and maybe even get her fighting mad. Then I wait and keep trying.Almost every time you try and move in this situation it never turns out good.
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

I would have left him and came back at about 11 and gave him a shot. Most gobblers will come looking late in the morning. He might not gobble, but just keep your eyes open ..
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Default RE: Stubborn Gobbler?

alot of good information, he'll get hung up for several reasons.i've actually got and started walking away and calling and had my shooter stay put and sure enoughhim came in closer looking and gave my shooter a shot
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