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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

I'm also confused Jim!Surely this is NOT a guided hunt.I know plenty of guides,some on this site as well as being one myself and I dont know a one of them that carry a turkey gun to the field on a payed hunt with a client.This sounds more like a tresspass fee than a guided hunt.I've been on a few semi guided hunts and any time money comes into play I would look into plenty of research about the outfit before I put my foot into the water.If this is a liscensed guide than obsolutely shame on him,but for 250.oo I doubt it is.Thats pretty cheap for a fully guided hunt.There ARE some shabby outfits out there for surebut there are also some fine outfitters that can offer folks some of the most memorable experiences afield.One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch,please be SURE of what your talking about here HB.....
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

ORIGINAL: hillbilly deluxe

idn how im even gunna git 250 bucks first off
Don't you think you should have figgured that out before going on a $250 guided hunt?
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

I think that is crap, but if you didn't have a contract, what do you do?
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

I wouldn't pay him... you got screwed by a guy who shouldn't have even been armed... Its your hunt....
There are more people around to go hunting with than this creep... go somewhere else
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

1.) Let your father handle this. You are a minor. [/align]2.) If you were my son, I can promise you you wouldn't be wondering about how this was going to end. You will be fine. [/align]3.) Never hunt with this guy again. [/align]4.) Don't worry about it. He's not going to do anything now that your dad has called. [/align]5.) learn from your mistakes....1.) making a monetary offer you can't back up. 2.) letting a guide bring a gun on a turkey hunt[/align]6.) look forward to your next hunt and get back in the game.[/align]
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

Since the birds scattered after the shot,Why didn't ya just call em back?
LOL. I have only been learning about this fall hunting stuff but that was my first thought. He just scattered the birds for the exciting part of the hunt to begin. I guess if you're scattering them you could shoot one while you're at it.

The other side of the story is always crucial but it does sound weird. I would say he broke HIS side of the contract based on what you have told us. No reason to pay him. If you are still thinking you should pay him I would wonder what more we're missing here.
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

Does he have email?If so,what is it? I'll send him a polite note and shame him into not charging ya! That's absolutely ridiculous him doing that to you. I hope you can work it out with messing up the relationship.

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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

hey im sorry i was gone for awhile. heres the load down- he said that if we paid him he would give us a free hunt of anykind. after we busted the flock of hens we saw them about 2 hours later- with less then 45 minutes of hunting left- they were around 75 yards so no shot there. Arjuna- thanks for the advice. i just left it to my dad he's handelin it.Cascadedad- i got the money lol. i worked out a deal w/ my parents id pay half but i expected to get a bird and it wouldnt feel like soo much money. i am still going to continue hunting but with another guide. i understand that there is a few bad appels. sorry for the long post and it being awhile. have a safe and happy hoilday. anything else anyone wants to know just shoot me a pm. sadly i dont think he has email- thanks though and to everyone backing me up- its gratey appreciated
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Default RE: RIPPED OFF!?

pay hunt or not you should always put the younger hunters first I always take family and friends and my son first then I go get my bird if that happened to me pay hunt or not the guy would be more worried about getting his nose to stop bleeding than what i owed him , he might get more when he sued me but hey the next guy wouldnt have to worry gurantee it
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