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phall2 11-15-2006 07:34 PM

Turkey Shotguns
Im getting a new shotgun for the spring season. What shotguns do yall have, can you give me a quick review? Any guns you reccomind? Anything will help.

rrviper40 11-15-2006 08:57 PM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
i guess budget is a big factor. i had great luck with the classic remington 870 with 3" when i was younger. then i stepped up to a 3 1/2" mossberg 835 which is one of the classic turkey guns on the market. i absolutely hated that gun every second i had it. i tried 3 chokes and several sizes of shot and every shell and could not get it to pattern. then again, the 2 guys i hunt with every day shoot identical guns and will swear they are great. i guess i just had a lemon? after going 1 for 6 on gobblers with the mossberg i shelled at the cash and got a browning gold hunter 3 1/2" semi auto nwtf turkey gun. i shoot 3 1/2" federal heavyweight 6's and that thing shoots like a dream. havent had a turley walk away from it yet, AND it has about half the recoil of that mossberg too.

mauser06 11-15-2006 09:30 PM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
i love my 870 express mag turkey gun. 3 inch mag with a 21 inch barrel. only gun i dont seem to have pics of:eek: but it can be seen here

i added a HS undertaker hevishot tube and when coupled with a stiff load of hevi shot patterns are devistating. adding fiber optic sites and a new stock sometime soon...waiting for the company to make the stock i want in camo..but i do alot of running and gunning and ALOT of walking...i love the compact size and light weight...cant weigh but 6lbs or so i bet..i love picked it up used but not a mark on it for a Bday present for me one year..

jghoffman12 11-15-2006 09:54 PM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
i've been using a Benelli Nova 3 1/2" with a tightwad choke. i've had very good luck with this combination and it patterns great out to 50 yards. it prefers winchester 3" over any 3 1/2" shells i've tried. this is a very durable gun but i bought mine before the pistol grip came out. if i could, i'd buy the same gun with a pistol grip stock.

SwampCollie 11-16-2006 06:43 AM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
No matter what your budget, I would recommend a pump gun, basically with respect to weight. Pump guns tend to be lighter than autos (especially gas guns, like 1100s or 1187s). There are a few that are lighter, but the extra $$$ can be better spent.

I personally shoot, and recommened, a Mossberg 835. Mine is the Grand Slam version, 20" barrel, full cammo, high vis front and rear sights. Kicks like a mule, but there is something about that over-bored barrel that makes it shoot just an amazingly tight, even pattern. I shoot a Pure-Gold Super Full choke tube. Great purchase for the $$$. However, I only would recommend a Mossberg for turkeys because its a one shot game. They tend to lock up if you put any rearward pressure on the fore-end. That makes cycling quickly a bit of a pain. But with turkeys, that point is sorta moot.

TNHagies 11-16-2006 08:11 AM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
I mirror what mauser06said. I have that gun (except mine the barrel and receiver is camo but that's because it's older) I love mine!! Mine shoots Federal Premiums the best and I have a Hastings extra full choke in it. The Rem choke mine came w/didn't pattern very well. Speaking of patterns. The last time I patterned it I had 300+ (308 if my memory serves me correct) pellets in a 12in circle at 30yrds.

As a sidebar of info, I've usedthree other shotguns before (mossburg, winchester and another 870)for turkey hunting but this shotgun is the only one that I've ever had where I have yet to have a turkey flop after I shot it. Kills 'em dead.

That's my pick. But in the end you'll probably just need to shoot a couple to find out what you like the best.

buttonbuckmaster 11-16-2006 08:39 AM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
I'm using a 870 supermag, 3 1/2 inch #5 WS and a Gobbling Thunder choke tube. Picked it up used for $200, mounted a scope and camoed it myself. It has a 28" barrel, may get a shorter one to cut down on the weight and make it more agile in the woods, but I love it.

TNBowHuntr 11-16-2006 09:24 AM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
I shoot a T/C Encore that i bought as a muzzleloader and i wound up selling most of my other guns and bought rifle and shotgun barrels and forearms. I use a 24" turkey barrel with a XX turkey choke and a bushnell red dot scopeand i get amazing patterns and have killed several birds out to 45-50 yards.I am unbelievably happy withthe encore, and its so easy to simply switch out the barrels, and they never have to be re-zeroed. Its cheaper to buy new barrels for 300- $ than to go out and buy a decent gun at 500+$. My 2cents, and first post.

camelcluch 11-16-2006 10:12 AM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
The A 390 has been the ticket for me.

Californiadoctor 11-16-2006 02:35 PM

RE: Turkey Shotguns
I really like my Remington SP-10 Magnum, a 10 guage autoloader that is extremely well made. Even with 3 1/2 inch 2 1/4 oz. turkey loads the recoil is not that bad since the gun is fairly heavy, around 11 pounds. The 10 guage gives denser patterns than a 12 guage at any given range and that is a big advantage when shooting birds 40 yards away. Neither the gun nor the ammunition is cheap but to my mind it has been money well spent. It also makes a good waterfowl gun and can be used for big game at short range with rifled slugs.


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