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scmtnhnter 04-01-2006 05:39 PM

o yeah he went down hard .....
o yeah he went down alright .ok my day started great i heard a gobble while unlockin the gate to get in but he was on other property bummer[>:]. well i finally did find what i was lookin for not one but 3 gobblers soundin off at my owl call .o yeah this goin to be a great mornin and a day i thought . well i finally heard what makes every turkey hunters enjoy in the mornin fly down time .o yeah so i gave a few soft yelps and they went crazy i kept callin for a few minutes with the soft yelps they cutt me off everytime .well finally i heard the sound that makes every turkey hunters hearts do back flips spittin and drummin .o yeah not one but 2 differeny birds are comin in so i waited and kept callin finally out about 50 yds i seen 2 redheads comin my way so i stop callin and let the dekes do their job .i let them work their way in to about 25 yds i thought i was goin to get a double and go fishin but the second bird was about a couple yards behind the first one so i concentrated on the first bird who was bigger he had about inch spurs 10 in beard around 20 lbs the other one was about 20 lbs inch or less spurs about a 8 in beard so finally i got my chance on the big boy he stopped out at 20 yds i put the bead on his neck area and let fly and i nailed him he never flopped since he was down i turned to the other bird but to late he was air bound and east bound .so i got up to check my prize layin at 20 yds he was not movin he was down for good he was a trophy but he was only a few yrs old . he weighed less than i thought he was nice do i got me a nice sweet gum sapling man i was mad upset this tree just stepped out of nowhere and took the full loads of # 5s for the turkey what a great tree .he died with honor .well this aint no april fools joke either it really happened i never saw the tree till it fell over and the tom took off west bound and truckin .i wanted to cry :(well to tell the truth i did .well i didnt do no better the rest of the day so i called it quits and went fishin .but there is always tomorrow .

jepcho 04-01-2006 06:00 PM

RE: o yeah he went down hard .....
Oh man, that's no fun. Good luck next time out.

StrutnBPS 04-01-2006 07:14 PM

RE: o yeah he went down hard .....
lol...go back and get him tomorrow...he will come in

huntnma 04-02-2006 03:20 PM

RE: o yeah he went down hard .....
hope you do better tomorrow , lol......

scmtnhnter 04-02-2006 09:14 PM

RE: o yeah he went down hard .....
well i didnt go back this mornin my oldest wanted me to go fishin and to try and his hand at bowfishin that was fun watchin him bowfish he is only 9 .he did catch some crappie on rod and reel do but no luck on bowfishin we had a great time together even took my youngest he is 7 he caught some crappie just a father and sons outtin together .there mom would have been proud of them .

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