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Phil from Maine 08-10-2021 08:07 PM

Couple of moose on my trail cam..
I have set a trail cam out for moose to try and find a moose for the up coming October bull hunt. I had what I am guessing to be two different moose on it..


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mrbb 08-11-2021 06:43 AM

cool moose are some pretty coll animals, if you ask me, there like giants of the woods!

Phil from Maine 08-11-2021 07:49 AM

Thank you mrbb, and yes they are truly the giants of the woods up here. A lot of work once one is on the ground..

mrbb 08-11-2021 08:52 AM

maybe a lot of work, but also a lot of good eating afterwards for a while!
I been lucky enough to see all the moose species in the wild, and its truly impressive to be pretty up close and personal with them, them Alaskan/Yukon one's are gigantic to see in person
I can recall the first time I seen one, was in Anchorage AK< at a friends house, he had a 4 ft chain link fence about his yard to keep his dog in and a big bull came walking thru the neighborhood walking over that fence as if it wasn't there, just stepped over it like nothing!
was a funny and crazy sight to take in for me at the time
Up in Maine I ran into a few over the yrs in many places, can recall a real close call one time on a snowmobile trail, came around a curve and there stood a big Cow in the trail, and didn;t want to get off, due to easier walking on the trail
and all you can do is is wait and HOPE it doesn't get upset as them things also seem to have short fuses at times!
friends in AK< tell me there crazy at times over nothing, and to always give them room when possible to go there own way!

Phil from Maine 08-11-2021 09:41 AM

I have only seen videos of the moose in Alaska and they are monsters compared to our moose. Two years ago I was roughly ten feet from one as he stood back up. That was a scary feeling when he was dropping his head looking straight at me. I had shot it in the neck but missed his vitals. As I was trying to figure a way to get behind it the moose stood up. I wasted no time placing a shot on his nose and he turned and run. Yes I did recover him after a lot of work. This past Monday just after I got back from the doctors I had around five different people texting me about a moose a dump truck had hit. They couldn’t get a hold of anyone who wanted it.. While I didn’t really want it because of our hunt coming up in October. I ended up going and checking it out. It was 81 degrees out and knew that it wouldn’t last long in that heat. I ended up getting it and packing it full of ice then taking it to a butcher. So now I am looking for another freezer as this wasn’t planned on.. Hanging weight was given to be 620 pounds with the head still on the ground. So a big cow for here for sure.

Phil from Maine 09-08-2021 05:30 PM

Well folks I have been having issues with my trail cam or I am buying junk batteries now? My trail cam keeps shutting down and saying that my batteries are low. I had new Duracell batteries in it and since have replaced them only to get the same results within a week. The trail cam is close to six years old so I am thinking it lived it’s life and time to replace it?? I have been getting a few pictures of moose but poor quality and then the cam shuts down.,

SportsmanNH 09-09-2021 04:05 AM

Phil there is probably nothing wrong with your camera . I take it from the pic you did post your camera is a Stealth Cam. Those are notorious for eating regular alkaline batteries . You have to use energizer lithium AA batteries in those cams . Thats a well known fact on the trail cam sites . Most of the guys using those cameras use an external battery thats plugged into the round power port on the bottom of the camera , and the battery is put in an ammo box at the base of the tree .
Whats even worse is using even high quality Eneloop rechargeable batteries . They eat the power out of those for a snack . Its funny that I can get 1,500 15 second videos using those same rechargeable batteries on alot of my other cams. And I couldn't get 10 pics using them in the one and only Stealth Cam I had. I couldn't get 25-30 pics out of that cam using alkaline batteries . But energizer lithium batteries will work for quite a while in those cams.

Its been quite a few years since I had that Stealth Cam , I dont remember if there was a setting to select which battery you are powering the cam with. The other thing to look at is the battery compartment and make sure there isn't any corrosion on any of the connectors on the + side. Maybe scrape those connectors with a nail file .

Phil from Maine 09-09-2021 03:47 PM

Thank you Southern NH, I am at loss but maybe try the lithium batteries? I have always used the copper top Duracell batteries and never had any problems before. I have run them in the winter months on deer that I was feeding out back and have never had any problems. So I will check the cams out better and try some of those lithium batteries and see what happens..

Phil from Maine 09-11-2021 04:22 PM

I think that I have found my issue with the trail cam… To large of an SD card and will check it out as soon as I can. I just purchased another Stealth trail cam and put one of the sod cards that I was using. After I put that sad card in it said that I couldn’t use a 64 GB card it has to be 32 GB or less.. So I am hopeful that this will solve my problem..

Phil from Maine 09-13-2021 11:40 AM

Just a cow but the problems I believe are now solved..

Bocajnala 09-13-2021 11:42 AM

Bull tag or is it an either sex tag?


Phil from Maine 09-13-2021 11:46 AM

Originally Posted by Bocajnala (Post 4396856)
Bull tag or is it an either sex tag?


Bull only but those cows will bring in the bulls..

Phil from Maine 09-20-2021 04:32 PM

Okay this is much better than the cow. This smasher has some tall paddles for a Maine moose..

mrbb 09-20-2021 04:45 PM

best of luck to you's
what exactly isn;'t working on your trail camera?

I just lost 3 of them this summer, as they age, they start to get issue's is my experience with them
go from working great one day to, starting to skip pic's, or stop taking pictures
SOME times can get lucky with replacing with new batteries and a new never used SD card, and buy a little more use out of them
but for me, 2-3 yrs is all I get typically out of cheap camera's running 24-7 here, getting 700-1,000 pic's a week on them, then they start to just mess up and or die
some of my higher end camera;'s I some times get 4-6 yrs, but to be honest, due to having trespasser issue;'s and stolen camera's I don't buy many higher end camera's any more!
can just buy several cheaper one's for there price!

been running trail cam's since the late 90's, at one point I think I had like 50 of them going, at once between 5 properties!
buying batteries was costing me a fortune , as they didn;t last as long as batteries do these days in modern camera's

also, way cheaper to run digital cam's over them 35 mm and 1 hour developing HAHA< OH the amount of money I wasted on them things!~

Phil from Maine 09-20-2021 05:28 PM

I had issues with two of them shutting down and eating the batteries up in less than a week. So I bought a new camera and I used a card that I had in the other cameras. The new camera told me that the sd card was to big for it. So I changed all my cards and they are working again. The night time pictures from them are not that great. But I contributed that to our weather and moisture getting on the lens. I am not 100 percent sure as they are around 5 years old now.. But they are working again anyway and will be coming down in a couple of weeks as they will have served their purpose by then..

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