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Buckwatcher 04-11-2021 01:16 PM

Hope the photos load

Bocajnala 04-11-2021 01:36 PM

Follow this thread for posting photos


Buckwatcher 04-11-2021 03:24 PM

I get this when posting pics

You are not allowed to post URLs until you have at least 10 posts

Bocajnala 04-11-2021 03:29 PM

Delete the url code. Only use the image code that you copy from those directions.

mrbb 04-11-2021 03:32 PM

you need to have more posts before you can post pictures i think, check rules on forum, but I think you need a dozen or so posts to post pictures here?

Buckwatcher 04-11-2021 03:42 PM

Thanks I'll try

Bocajnala 04-11-2021 04:40 PM

Post #9 on that thread tells how to erase the "url" section and still have your picture.

Sorry the site doesn't make it easy to post pictures.

If that fails PM me and I will send you my email address. You can email me the photo and I'll post it for you if you want.


Bocajnala 04-12-2021 02:24 AM


mrbb 04-12-2021 07:18 AM

looks like a great buck,
but this pic is just not very good for anyone to try and guess a score on its antlers,
for anyone to try and get close, , you need a much clearer pic for that to happen., as your talking inches when scoring or fractions of an inch, and well, to GUESS with any kind of closeness, you need a good full on picture showing things , all its tines and even better a FEW pictures to show different views from side, straight ion and likes
No matter what though, its a fine buck for sure!

flags 04-15-2021 04:25 PM

He scores nothing as long as he is on the hoof. Until he wears a tag and hangs on a game pole the score isn't relevant.

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