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Unattended Remote Trail Camera

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Unattended Remote Trail Camera

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Default Unattended Remote Trail Camera

I am planning on purchasing a trail camera for a non-hunting application. I see that there are cameras like the Browing Defender that have a related app with Verizon. I am wondering if .....
1. Would you recommend using a trail camera for this purpose ....it is not a mansion but we have had a theft over the years.
2. Would I have to be able to get to the camera every few days to check the SD or complete other functions
3. Do you also need to change the batteries often
4. What camera would you chose to monitor a property without wi-fi
5. Is remote usage practical or would I need to get there often to attend to the needs of the camera I am 1 1/2 hours away

I will be using it for a vacation property and prefer to not pay for internet all winter simply to have access to a ring or blink camera but if you feel that this is more practical I am all ears.

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I use trail cams but purposely don't use cellular trail cams for some of these reasons. I'm using them for scouting/hunting on a fenced ranch so don't have some of the same security issues you're facing although we do have occasional trespassers. Although other members who use cell trail cams will come along and have more detail and answers for you, in general, I'm thinking you have the following pros & cons for each system (again others will add more to the discussion). Since you didn't give a more specific description of the property or provide pictures, this is generalized info.

I don't use cellular trail cams since I don't need the up to the minute pictures for game animals. I'm looking for patterns and animal activity over a period of time and don't need the extra expense. I also move my cams around to see if I'm missing anything. My cams are on a ranch so there is plenty of tree and grass movement to trigger a cam. I try to eliminate the issue with camera settings and some minor brush clearing but I occasionally get a couple thousand pictures of trees and grass until I clear the detection zone properly or just move the cam if needed. For me, that would be very expensive if I had to pay cell charges for so many pictures. With your security concerns (burglary) and being 1.5 hours away, I could see you probably need cellular capability to hopefully call the police in time. I'm assuming you can restrict the amount of pictures sent by cell but don't know. If I were using a cell cam for burglary notice, I think I'd also want video going (I only use still pics for animals) and that could cost a bit more on your cell bill also.

For me, Lithium batteries (think energizer bunny) are the only way to go. They last a long time (usually 6+ months), are good down to very cold temps and can powers thousands of pictures. I could buy a solar setup instead of using the lithium batteries but that would take more work to hide the cameras and in some cases would preclude me from using certain spots. I'm not saying you couldn't hide a solar charger but would need access to the sun (i.e. not so camo'd up with brush/vegetation to effectively power the camera.

I hide my cams so people can't see them and even brush them in with vegetation for camo as needed. I use baling wire instead of the straps because it's more secure and blends in so you can't even see the cams on trees and fenceposts. I have some black flash cams (you can't see the flash at all) but most of mine are the standard flash. Since most trespassers only come during the day (they seem to be scared of lions, bears, etc. at night), this works for me. If I were using a trail cam as a security cam for a house, I would get the black flash cams since at least some burglars come at night although many more come during the day.

You didn't mention if your vacation house is a rental or not. If only family use it, you may want to consider one of those Simply Safe alarm systems which also use cellular. It might fit the bill more precisely or may work in conjunction with trail cams for outside areas like a shed or barn. Hopefully this helps some.
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