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When family touches your trail cameras.

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When family touches your trail cameras.

Old 11-30-2019, 01:55 PM
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Default When family touches your trail cameras.

I have had a big problem with my father in law touching my cam sets. My derp husband keeps telling him where we put stuff. This guy has gone out and pulled our cams and ruined my sets. Earased my cards. He also thinks he has a right to animals that we find. My husband has had little to do with selecting the spot and how to hang the cam. 100% all me. Only thing my husband is doing is giving me a ride and walking with me and helping me do as I wish. His dad pesters him and gets mad when when I dont want to share. His dad tries to get my photo and video and shares it with other family and his friends. I work hard to find animals. I am not trying to be selfish, but getting pretty fed up with my hard work being shared with others and areas trafficked up. Some of the animals I am trying to pattern are trophy class animals so I am pretty pissed about someone running their mouth and interfering. I dont think my husband would share info with his dad if he didn't insist on sharing his camp. Which I dont want to camp with his family at all due to a whole bunch of meddling from his dad in more than just trail cams. If his dad was agreeable and didnt touch stuff or tell other people I wouldn't have a problem, but this guy is a total d.

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Old 11-30-2019, 02:16 PM
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well sorry if you don;t like this
,maybe it s time you start doing things yourself and NOT taking your husband with you, then DON"T tell anyone where the cam's are and add locks to them
and sorry to tell you this, but just cause you got a trail cam pic' of a animal doesn;t make it your's
if its in the woods, its can be killed by anyone with access to where it lives just how it works

old saying loose lips sink ships
so, find a BIG buck, and DON"T want others to know
DON"T tell, share info about it!

can I ask you this?/ WHO owns the land you hunt on??
as if its your father in laws
well, then, honestly he HAS a right to any animal on it, and can tell you where or where NOT to place your cam's
so, if its HIS lands you hunt, you do sort of have to follow his rules
if don;t like em, again, its a BIG world out there go and find some place else to hunt and again, DON"T share your Intel with others
this might not be what you wish to hear, but its just honest facts and advice!
this is also one of the MAIN reasons folks BUY there OWN land
so they too don;t have to share, of have prime spots THEY build, make, BUY or?? get used by others
and why trespassers get hated so much by those that DO pay for the lands and catch folks sneaking on them!
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Old 11-30-2019, 02:30 PM
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No, not his land and I pay a fee to access the land. He is actually trespassing because he doesn't pay the access fee.
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Old 11-30-2019, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by lady
No, not his land and I pay a fee to access the land. He is actually trespassing because he doesn't pay the access fee.
well then you have a answer, don't let him be on the land, and hunting there, fair is fair

BUT again, if others are paying fee, they have equal rights to game on the same lands as you, unless there is a contract that states, who can hunt where
devil in the details
if its a free for all, based on each pay"X" amount per yr, then everyone has rights to hunt any where
back to, if don;t like the set up, look else where
and as always, DON"T share info, lock your cam's up
mean all this as help NO bash here too!
I had like issue's yrs back sharing land with lazy hunters, , you did the work, they then hunted near you due to they knew you would be in a good area
and always picked at you for info
I moved on, have own place now and never looked back!
and in many other states I hunted, I gained access to places that had exclusive rights to hunt, or hunted with like minded hunters that didn;t leach off each other or step on each others toes, gave each other space and had agreements and in OFF season talks to know where and how we would hunt and be, so no one moved ion on anyone !
as again, its in the details that can make you happy or not
NOT all hunters hunt the same way, or have like minded minds
I know hunters that like to sit next to each other and yap all day while they HUNT and some that hate seeing another person all day long
it again, you have to clear things up BEFORE the season gets here, and know what and who your hunting with'
GOOD hunting partners and friends are HARD to come by IMO!
pick em wisely!
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Old 11-30-2019, 03:18 PM
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For the OP, not saying you're being dishonest but this sounds like there's more to the story. Are you related to who owns the property or is it a family friend? You said your FIL has not paid a trespass or access fee. Has your husband? I agree your FIL sharing your pictures and erasing your cards is just plain wrong. It's kind of surprising that he would trespass on somebody else's land to do so and risk being arrested. From your description, it sounds like only you and your husband knew where you placed your game cams. If so, it would be mighty hard for your FIL to find your cams and know they were your cams and not somebody else's. You definitely have some things to talk over with your husband but it sounds like there's just more to this story. It's none of my or anybody else's business but if you're asking for an opinion, it's hard to give a good one without knowing the whole story.
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