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Richard Thompson 09-10-2019 12:57 AM

I vote for WingHome
I vote for WingHome trail camera, it takes both good daytime and night vision photos, and the price is affordable.

Toddvg 10-07-2019 04:36 AM

I am interested in 4-6 cameras that take video on a schedule. The area I am covering is to large to use motion. Are there less expensive cameras out there that Have the option to take video at the same time every day for an hour or more?

ruffhunter 12-22-2020 02:51 PM

Sony makes a trail cam???????

Originally Posted by JHONESMITH1110 (Post 4385292)
I think sony is the best camera in all models and range. Deep inside we all know that. But many times we ignore sony. There is no competetion with sony camera with others. At all.

CalHunter 12-22-2020 05:25 PM

Sony does not. The new member and his post were deleted. We allow a lot of opinions but have to draw the line when somebody posts something that is simply incorrect, misleading and can easily be verified with a search engine.

OutdoorsInCanada 06-06-2021 10:42 PM

I took a chance with the Zopu units off of Amazon last year and definitely impressed so far. Wide angler view, quick triggers speeds, and quality of video is awesome.

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