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Originally Posted by Phil from Maine
Sorry but I am just offering some sound advice. I have had one attacked and the steel cable was frayed and the latches on the door broken. Several trail cams up this way have been broken and dragged off by bears for whatever reason. Bears are hard on trail cams here.
its rather simple, your handling your game camera's with bare hands and transferring scent from your hands that the bears are being attracted toi
. maybe your placing bait out and that scent is on your hands and well, (or food before installed SD card or battery's) or the likes)
a bears nose is about 10 times better than a deers and amny times better than a GOOD dogs nose, its amazing how well they can smell!

but when you touch your camera's with scented hands, your making the bears SMELL your camera's they smell the scent, as as bears do, they TRY and TASTE things to see if they can eat em, but its the smell that is attracting them NOT the camera itself
YES they can be curious at times, but running trail cam's since the 90's in very HIGH population bear area's and only lost two cams,and it was directly related to scent transfer! MY fault!
and I too and just TRYING to inform, others here
not looking for a fight at all!
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Haven't done too much with the cameras this year. But I put two out out back a couple weeks ago. Some doe, a little 4 and 7 point and then a few pictures of this nice buck. I'll leave it running through the season. I have a little chunk of about 5 acres I can hunt there. I'll probably try to slip back there a few times with the kids towards the end of OCT. Not much time for bow hunting this year unfortunately.

Here's the nicest buck I've got on camera.

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Nice, Jake! I'm in Orange County NY and haven't been able to catch a lot of action on the trail cam yet, but we're due for a cold snap this week, so I'm hoping it will pick up.

I might try to get out for bow hunting a few hours on Saturday, but like you, time is in short supply.
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Nice pictures good luck with getting one..
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