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FIREMANJIM01 01-15-2013 12:54 PM

Ohio State University Laser "Trip Wire" Camera units
I was contacted by the Ohio State University about building their Biology Department some camera units. They are doing a study that is funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation and needed these units to monitor the large culberts that run under major highways and interstates in the state. They wanted to do this by using a "Laser Trip Wire" camera instead of a PIR detection system. Their reasoning for not using the PIR system is they wanted the ability to pick up cold blooded critters like turtles and frogs as well as warm blooded critters as well. I told them I could give them the best of both. Last year I built 6 units identical to these for Boston College University. Chris (212) was a huge part in the success of these projects. He found a Laser Trip Wire unit sold on the market and showed me how I could modify the BigFoot board where it would trigger the camera on the trip wire's inputs as well as the standard PIR inputs trigger. Units area basis IR Sony P32 camera. No Glass IR mod and external power. 5 wire servos. Camera is housed in a Camo 1040 case with a HPWA fresnel. Big Foot Boards and security pipe thrus. The Laser Trip Wire is Housed in a Pelican Camo 1020 case. The units have water proof connectors from Mouser. The external 12v SLA battery is housed in a custom built 4" PVC pipe unit. Just thought some of you guys might find all this neat stuff. Here is 2 videos telling and showing you all about the units. The camera's IR flash is going off but you can not see it because I filmed the videos on a Non IR Modified DXG125 video camera.

littlearrow 01-15-2013 05:13 PM

This is a well built project. Thanks for sharing.

ChuckDee 01-17-2013 09:06 AM

Very cool & Go Bucks!!!

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