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pa_yote_hunter 11-22-2012 10:19 AM

First Trail Camera
I am looking to buy my first trail camera. I am leaning towards two Moultrie D55irXT cameras or two Primos Ultra 35. I am not wanting to go to crazy on the price of the cameras because I am afraid of theft in my area.....its really bad.

I would be buying lock boxes for them as well. I think two cameras would be better than one nice one because I would be able to cover more ground with them. What are your thoughts on what I should be looking into?

littlearrow 11-22-2012 01:25 PM

My suggestion would be: 1)Bushnell Trophy Trail camera. I have 7 of the 2009 model which have given excellent performance. Use AA batteries and have a two year manufactures warranty. 2) Moultrie GameSpy M80. I have the M100 which is a higher version of the M80 and more costly. No M80 at the dealer when I purchased mine. Lots of good reviews on the M80. I am happy with the M100 (4each). Moultrie cameras, when set to video, take a picture first, then the video. What one gets in the picture is often missed in the video due to delay. Field of view in the video is narrower than in the picture. Moultrie said this is how it downloads. Night video is limited to 10 second. Lengthening this as per Moultrie would be harder on batteries. M80 and M100 use AA batteries. Using cameras that use AA batteries is a plus because in in cold weather one can use Lithium Ultimate which test 1.79 to 1.83 volt using a digital meter. These are high voltage batteries. Moultrie cameras have a one year manufactures warranty. I have recently purchased a Moultrie D55-IRXT camera. This one uses C batteries. Lock boxes for this camera are not common as it is a new model, just out. Lots of different camera brands on EBay, but a word of caution: if the seller is not authorized by the manufacture, there is no warranty.
Check some of the pictures and videos on various trail camera forums to see what type of picture or video performance you would like to have. Most forum members are willing to help with any questions. For more reviews check these links: and
Good luck in your choice.

Ky Bob 12-01-2012 08:39 AM

Covert MP6 or Red 40. If you want blackflash I'd go with their Black 60

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