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desertloper 08-22-2009 02:02 PM

Bushnell Trophy Problems
Just a heads up for those looking for a Trophy--or who may be having troubles. It took me a few days, a set of batteries, and a visit to Cabelas customer comments to figure it out.

The SD card that comes with the camo camera is crap..and doesn't work. I could take video, but not pictures for some reason.. I am glad I used a home trial instead of testing in the field. I slapped in a 2gig SD brand SD card and she appears to be working fine. One more night of testing then I will put it in the field tomorrow.
Just thought I would give you guys the heads up..if it has not been brought up before.

allmightyhunter13 08-22-2009 08:28 PM

is that the new bushnell that is only like 5in. tall??? They seem like a smart way to go if the battery life is true!!

nick_bleuer76 08-23-2009 12:22 AM

Originally Posted by allmightyhunter13 (Post 3416463)
is that the new bushnell that is only like 5in. tall??? They seem like a smart way to go if the battery life is true!!

Battery life is true! And, it is not the cameras fault the card was crap. I have no problems with mine!

haystack 08-23-2009 07:18 AM

Desertloper: You could have saved yourself a lot trouble by posting your problem here when you first noticed a problem.

One month ago announced a problem with SD cards in Trophy cams, Scoutguards and DLC covert II. I've also read where other cams have been affected as well.

As much as I love Cabelas, I would not buy ANY cam from them or anybody else when trailcampro has got a 90 day guarantee on every camera they sell, and superior customer service.

A week and a half ago, one of my buddies went to purchase a Trophy cam from trailcampro but they was sold out. They did however have a Trophy cam that was returned due to a locked SD card. They knocked $10 off the price and still offered the 90 day guarantee.

desertloper 08-23-2009 08:42 AM

Everything seems to be operating 100% now that I put in a Scan Disc 2 gig card. Took pictures all night long last night while I was sleeping..I am a restless sleeper!

I am going to put it out today, after I replace batteries. I took approx 250 pictures at 5 megpixel and 80 videos on high resolution and my 8 standard AA batteries are down to one bar--33% life left? I ran it pretty hard testing it around the house lately so the rapid battery depletion doesn't really surprise me.

I bought it from Cabelas--because they had the camo one on sale for $199--and through the fault of their own can pretty much take it back WHENEVER. I wanted the points too!

mtn green 08-27-2009 09:24 AM

desertloper - what size card did your camera come with. I just bought one yesterday and on the package it said it had a 512 MB card but when I got it home there was a 1 GB card in it. I'm hoping I got a different card than you did.

desertloper 08-28-2009 06:35 PM

I bought the Bushnell Trophy camo camera, it came with a knock off SD 512MB card. Be safe and test it 48hrs or so around your house...or go to wally world and fork out the $17 for the 2 gig card.

My camera has been in the field for 7 days...and I am going to go swap cards on it tomorrow.

Good luck with yours!

mtn green 08-29-2009 05:36 PM

yea i got the camo one also at Cabelas, not sure why but it had the 1GB card not the 512 MB. I tested it here at the house for the last 2 days taking pics and movies of the kids and wife, they hate it...... and I love it! Tomorrow it goes to the woods, I think this camera thing could be addicting.......

30-06 deerslayer 08-30-2009 03:20 AM

sd problem
I had the same problem with my 3 bushnell trail scout camera's. I finally called bushnell amd he told me to try and format the sd cards before using. the only ones that worked for me was the old kingston 1gb card.I bought a 2bg sandisk and it did not work either. I sent one of my camera's in to have bushnell check it out. I finally bought a sandisk 1gb and it seems to work just fine. chasing said they seem to have a problem with sd cards from china and they changed something but won't admit it. I was racking my brain wondering why all 3 of my camera's stopped working all at once with new battery's and new cards.
I hope you get your problem solved and if you do let everyone know. thanks.

leadoperator 08-30-2009 05:55 AM

Originally Posted by desertloper (Post 3423188)
Be safe and test it around your house...

You should do this no matter what and with every cam you get. That way you're not on here complaining that your cam dont work because of operator error or the fact that you were in too big of a hurry to get it in the woods.

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