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bucksniper14 08-16-2009 05:13 PM

ever had this problem with your cuddeback capture
i have this problem with my capture that only one sd card works in it all the other ones sd cards i tried(like 2 or 3 others) they take pictures but dont save it will only save to that one card luckly my camera is on a couple hundered yards from my house so i can just run it up the again. anyone have this problem

leadoperator 08-16-2009 06:40 PM

Yes i have. For instance, if i put in a PNY card right out of the box into my cudde the cam will take a pic but i cant see it when i put in my Cannon digital camera or when i try to pull it up on the computer. BUT, if i put the card into the Cannon digital camera and format it, then stick it in the cudde and let the cam take a pic THEN i can see it on my Cannon digital camera and i can also view it on my computer. The bottom line is ALWAYS test your cam before you put out. Never assume things will work. Those SD cards can be tricky little buggers! Kodak and PNY cards have always worked the best for me in my Cuddeback Captures.

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