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Fighting the elements

Old 06-21-2017, 12:59 PM
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Default Fighting the elements

The T/C Black Mountain Magnum has not been shot in many months. It was sitting there, patiently waiting its turn. So because I got the yard cut, the weed eating done, and it was only 72 outside, I brought the rifle out to play.

The Black Mountain Magnum made by Thompson Center is a traditional style rifle, other then a lot of things. It looks like a New Englander because they share the same stock and kind of the same lock. BUT that is where any similarities end.

The Black Mountain Magnum is a true magnum rifle able to shoot 150 grains of powder. In pellet or loose form so they claim. I never tried pellets in my rifle but they state it can and will shoot it because of the design of the fire chamber. Also the BMM is a musket cap ignition system. I use CCI musket caps. Ignition is flawless. Also the barrel is a 26 inch 1-28 twist (from the factory). Talking to a T/C tech many years ago we discussed the barrel of the rifle. He told me is an Omega made traditional. A hooked breech instead of a breech plug and the side ignition that feeds direct to the fire chamber. Mine has a blued barrel and a Simmons 4x32mm scope on it. But that will change. I have a Cabela's 3-9x40 laying around here. And if it fit, it will have it.

I would like to say shooting the rifle today was a joy, kind of. The rifle performed perfect! 110 grains of T-7 2f with a .40 caliber Shockwave was amazingly accurate. I was shooting at 44 yards. I would of posted a picture but its just a hole in a target. Five shot all piled up. I would have shot further but I was literally chased off the range by Deer Flies, Horse Flies and Sand Flies. Think what they would be actually back in the woods! No wonder the deer are standing in the front yard in the afternoon.

Even sprayed down with Deep Woods Off. As you sat at the shooting table, these creatures would swam you. Not land on you mind you, but swarm you, bump into you, land and leave, and of course I almost ate one due to open mouth syndrome. I was cursing then out and happened to be screaming in frustration with them. And yep! Near right down the gullet.

So anyway the rifle shot great. The groups were tight. But it was an early quick shoot. I wanted to try some large conicals in the rifle. But I had had enough. Bring back the snow!

Has anyone tried them thermo cell things? And do they work?
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I have and yes they work.
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Get yourself a pack of blue plastic plates or plastic cups. Coat them with
Tanglefoot Brush On Sticky Trap Coating, and hang them from a string near your shooting bench.

See the reviews on Amazon, or check out some videos on YouTube.
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