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ModernPrimitive 05-08-2017 09:19 AM

'lil OT: Keep your eye on the deer
Column: If Stephen Hawking is right about Earth's end, keep an eye on the deer

Semisane 05-08-2017 11:52 AM

Heck, I already knew deer were evil after seeing those YouTube videos of deer eating baby birds. That's why I try to do my part every Fall.

The most evil ones are those old educated does that spot you when you blink an eye then blow, stomp and scatter every deer within a half mile.

cayugad 05-08-2017 01:35 PM

A friend of mine from the cites was visiting one winter day. I was feeding deer that year. And he was all OHHH and AHHH when the deer came into the feeders. I could see the old long nose doe was angry with the little ones trying to sneak feed. And I told him, watch that old doe beat up those little deer. He kind of smiled like he thought I was crazy. Until she raised up and kicked one of the little ones in the back. He told me he never knew deer were violent. I just hope he never met a buck in rut when they were in a bad mood.

bronko22000 05-17-2017 03:29 AM

Wow who would have thought that? I guess a corpse must stop giving off human odor??
I wonder now if they also dine on other dead critters! If so they are giving the buzzards and crows competition.

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