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david_lewis93 10-06-2008 05:18 AM

new bow
got a new bow in,Manchester Solo 68" 45# @ 28 " Aint fancy or custom built but I like the way she shoots,Hill style too.

JimPic 10-06-2008 06:13 AM

RE: new bow
And the pictures are......?

david_lewis93 10-06-2008 08:30 AM

RE: new bow
I tryed to post and it kept refusing to take them said my files were too big. or sumthin like that. [&o]

Kanga 10-06-2008 10:21 AM

RE: new bow
Just sent you a pm.

Email me the pics and I will post them for you.

Kanga 10-07-2008 11:55 AM

RE: new bow
Here ya go Dave.;)

burniegoeasily 10-07-2008 12:54 PM

RE: new bow
I see nothing wrong with that bow. Its one to be proud of.;)

Rangeball 10-07-2008 01:10 PM

RE: new bow
I count 5 dead deer:)

JimPic 10-07-2008 02:39 PM

RE: new bow
Nice! I like black glass on longbows.And you seem to shoot it very well.thanks for posting them for him,Kanga

BobCo19-65 10-07-2008 03:15 PM

RE: new bow
That is a real beaut!!!

And nice release in thatmiddle pic. Looks like your fingers never even moved.

Redneck Bowhunter 10-07-2008 05:16 PM

RE: new bow
Nice Bow Congratulations. I like your back quiver too!

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