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Soilarch 09-26-2008 11:45 PM

Clean pallet...sort of...where to start.
I know you guys get this kind of thread on what is probably a weekly basis. But I keep coming back to the idea that I would enjoy trad. shooting and hunting even MORE than my compound. (Been trying to shake this "urge" for about 4 years now.)

23 y.o. (College still....translation...."broke" lol)
6'2" 240lbs (leaner than most 240#ers...barrel-chested [narrow, but deep shoulders] long arms)
My compound is 74# but it's a Martin M-pro cam...easier at 74# than my Mathews at 60# was.

One thing that keeps me from going trad is the fact/fear that I'll get a bow...and a bunch of arrows...and they won't be spined right so I'll try some different arrows...and some different ones...and end up so broke, and frustrated, the bow magically turns into firewood.

First question:
I'm use to the grips on compounds. Due to this and the forgiveness of a longbow I think it's the direction I should go. A low-grip aggressive R/D as long as I can find is what I envision. Any suggestions on this or should I steer towards something different.

I'm left handed[&:]
So most of what I'm finding in the "base-priced" offerings are either not offered in LH or only offered at 55#. Is this too much for a beginner? I'd like to think I'm stronger than the average newb...but I'm also realistic.

What-da-heck do I do about the arrow dilemma? I can tune a compound all day. OnTarget is a life saver and has practically eliminated spine issues with modern setups. I fully understand the length and tip weight effects on spine....but you can't add length to the arrows and tip weights can only get you so far. This one really has me confused. I don't even know where to start.

Any good books or other resource, or even tips from yourself, about beginning trad archery?

I plan on putting broadheads on my arrows from the get go. I'm pretty good with stone and file if I do say so myself. One or two afternoons and I should be able to lick a hunting edge on my broadheads easily. Besides, one thing I look forward to most is stump-shooting. (Compounds do not lend themselves to this...even at long me I "know someone" who's tried!!!lol)


david_lewis93 09-27-2008 07:40 AM

RE: Clean pallet...sort of...where to start.
First, howdysecond, being a lefty is no problem,third what is your draw length now?
There are several good places to find a good learning long bow, 40/45 # is about all you would want or need seeing as how 40# is about the minimum hunting weight in most states,and anything over that could get tiring after a whyle of solid shooting.3rivers F.S.archerydiscount archery. They have good prices on their bows and arrows . You could check there to start. Hope this helps....
David P.S. you can also look in on stickbows leatherwall for info and help too.

Soilarch 09-27-2008 08:42 AM

RE: Clean pallet...sort of...where to start.
Thanks David.

Yep forgot DL. Right now my compound is set at 28.5" with a loop and wrist-strap-and-post style release. I shot it at 29-29.5 like this for years. I really think that 29" would be my "textbook" drawlength. Took me nearly a month to get used to the cramped feel of 28.5 versus 29"

But the shooting improved...and seated shots to the left (hunting scenario) REALLY improved. So that's what I do now.

Tried tradgang...and there's a ton of info on there but it's a hard site to navigate through effeciently. I'll look at the others.

Thank You.

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