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Sometimes you just have to be honest ............. >

Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

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Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

I shoot 12" groups at 20yards, but will never go back to a wheel bow. I would rather be mediocre with a real bow than be a great shot with a compound. I savor those times when I'm on and do shoot tighter groups. The wheel bow is just too easy to master I like the challenge, but to each his own.

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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

Don, I have to modify what I posted earlier. Not that what I said wasn't valid but...

After 5 years with no improvement, something is going on.

When my shooting goes sour, I'll get within 5 yards of a target butt and shoot arrow after arrow into it with my eyes closed. I'm concentrating on getting the feel of the correct shooting form grooved into my muscle memory. I want to hit my primary, secondary and tertiary anchor points (middle finger over my canine tooth, index finger on my cheekbone and first joint in my thumb at the corner of my jaw), I want to feel the back tension and I want to feel the string tension riding mostly on my middle finger. Last, I want to feel the tension riding off my middle finger on the release and no movement of the string hand or bow arm (I use a dead hand release).

When I've got that working good, THEN I'll open my eyes and start working on concentration on the spot I want to hit. I'm sure you worked a lot on form with your compounds. Stickbows are no different in that you have to work on form with them too. You don't just string 'em up and start shooting x-rings. But they're a lot more fun to shoot! <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

One other thing I do is grab a compound when my form is really stinkin'. Like 'em or not, compounds are GREAT training aids.

Brian, you don't ever see the point clearly. Your total concentration is on the spot you want to hit, but the tip is visible (blurry, but visible) in your peripheral vision. You don't see exactly where you're aiming the tip in reference to the target, but you get a pretty good idea.

If you concentrate entirely on the tip and using a distinct aiming reference on the ground in front of a target, or a tree or cloud behind it, on a long shot, then you're using point of aim. I shot with a guy once who drew and let down about 3 times on one target. Asked him what was wrong and he said his aim point kept moving. Turned out the 'rock' he'd chosen as his point of aim was a turtle. <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

Instinctive archery can be learned by anyone with enough practice. If I use aluminum arrows and shoot at a slower pace, I can keep 6&quot; at 20 yards. Ran or shine, wind or no. I'm not as happy with it as you might think, I'd like to shoot 2&quot;. But it will/has get game. At what yardage are you happy with your groups? It just may be that you need to move up, and then slowly move back. Shoot one arrow. Draw and let down without shooting. Practice seeing very small spots. Always quit on a good hit. Visualize.
What AurthurP said is right on, only before you shoot with eyes closed, be sure to put the dog up! Poor rascal.<img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>

Your life is made of time, not money.
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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

Well guys, I really appricate your help. I can shoot at 15 yards and be pretty happy with my groups and at 20 yards I can get some good shots but the consistency is my worry. I'm sitting in the tree and a fat doe walks in (see I'm dreaming small), I draw and that one time I pull the shot and hit to far back. At best a long tracking job and worst a lost wounded deer. I can't seem to find that magic anchor. One of the reasons, I think, is I wear glasses and they seem to be in my way. I shoot a bow 47 lbs. @ 28&quot; so I know I'm not over bowed. I went out the other day after reading some of the suggestions and shot as the snow fell. I was shooting better and will keep trying. I have tried the pull to anchor and hold but I seem to get worse(thinking to much?) I draw slowly while burning a hole in the center of the dot ,hit my anchor and release. Thanks guys, Don

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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

Here's one more bit of advice; take at least a few days off. It sounds like you're a little frustrated and you made a very good point when you mentioned thinking too much. Try this: take some time away from shooting, maybe as much as two weeks. Muscles have incredible memory so trust me, it won't set you back. What it will do though is once you return, you'll have a clear mind and will most probably be looking forward to shooting. When you do return, keep your shooting sessions short-maybe only as long as 15 minutes. Also, concentrate on nothing but the basics; draw with the back muscles, hit a solid anchor, everything in line, and a complete follow through. I really like Byron Fergusson's suggestion of only working on one aspect of your form at a time. So, prioritize the aspects of your form which need the most work. Lastly, practice close, 5 yards or less. And shoot at a blank target even if you have to cover your target with a bag, sheet, etc. The last thing you want to get caught up in is where your arrow is hitting because that will introduce frustration again and as soon as that happens, you're spinning your wheels. After you feel like you've polished your form some you can then start working your way back from the target. When you do get to this point I would still suggest beginning each session with some close range shooting to emphasize your form.
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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............


Get Rick Welch's Instructional Volumn 2 video and study his two point anchor.
I got his video in Aug. 2001 and have never looked back.
I use Rick's 3 under draw and his two point anchor and can shoot 3&quot; to 4&quot; groups at 20 yds. with ease.
Even after not shooting my recurve for months, I can pick it up and shoot great with it by using Rick's methods.
My favorite recurve bow happens to be the one Rick built for me.
You can order the video direct from Rick at his website.
Don't know if it will help you as much as it did me but it's worth a try.
If you feel that nothing will work, by all means consider a compound again.
I shoot compounds and love them also.
I recommend Merlin compounds.
They're beautiful looking and constructed for a compound and are really accurate.
Good luck!



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Default RE: Sometimes you just have to be honest .............

Just wanted to bump this thread. I've been trying a few different things in my shooting lately (both eyes open, experimenting with different anchors and yes, I have lost a bit of skin on my face - HeHeHe) and I found this older thread through a search. It's a good thread for a re-read in these quieter forum days.
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