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Default Frustration

Over the past few days I have had several deer ,(1 buck, 6 does), in what would have been range,(30-35 yds), of my compound. I have set a 20 yd limitation on myself for the recurve. It is frustrating to think I could have killed one if I had my other bow. I knew going into this that the challenge would be greater but I'm getting impatient. I can only kill does on my lease during the archery only season and I really want to be sure to fill my freezer. I think I will take the compound out and make a freezer kill and then go back to trad.
Russell, (Ausie-guy), suggested I take both bows with me and use whatever is sufficient for the range required and I was going to do that. I changed my mind when I realized how much I'd be over complicating things. I think I just need to get the pressure off by getting one on the ground.
Sometimes I feel like I'll be cheating, other times it seems right for the goal of meat. I'm so wishy-washy.
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Default RE: Frustration

We're running out of bow season in Texas, so you're running out of time. Take that compound and make meat if that's what you want to do. Just don't blame me when your shot opportunity comes at 10 yards and you wind up wishing it'd been done with your recurve instead.
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Default RE: Frustration

which ever you choose, good luck and post the pics.
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Default RE: Frustration

That's the choice you have to make. Is it about hunting, or getting meat in the freezer? Or maybe the frustration of knowing you would have already made a kill or three with a different weapon?

I have the luxury of several friends/neighbors who like to hunt, but don't like to process the meat (one who doesn't eat it at all, but loves to hunt), so filling the freezer isn't a concern. I still get frustrated at times though, usually when I'm out with my bow during rifle season and think about how easy it would be if I had brought a rifle instead of my bow. When that shot finally happens though.........I wouldn't trade it for several freezer's full of meat.

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Default RE: Frustration

Welcome to the world of trads. I didnt practice much this summer, so ive only been out with my compound. Ill be back out with the trad from here on out. Good luck. You will get one in range.
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Default RE: Frustration

I weighed those decisions before the season started here in PA. I just commited to it, realized I might wind up empty handed but got dealt a good hand.

Don't take both, pick one or the other and be happy with the decision. But like Arthur said, don't come crying to us when a big doe is standing at 7 yards broadside and you have the compound.
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Default RE: Frustration

It is frustrating to think I could have killed one if I had my other bow.
It's got to be tough not to go with a compound when thinking like that.
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Default RE: Frustration

If its meat you need or are concerned with most, there is no shame in using any legal means in which to fill your freezer. Sounds like you got a conlict of intrest going there bro....Need the meat......But want to harvest it by a more challanging means.....I like your idea best.....grab the old meat getter off the wall and get-er-done! THEN....Go have some fun.....You guys are soo lucky to have so many tags to fill....we only get one deer tag here in Oregon, unless you are lucky in a drawing for a second one.....If i could harvest 4 deer a year i wouldn't need to raise my own beef.....Kirk
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Default RE: Frustration

One or the other is my best advice to you. There's to many things that are different when shooting traditional and compound. Trust me and do one or the other! Good luck with what ever you decide to do.
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Default RE: Frustration

Does anyone here live in new york or hunt deer in new york?
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