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recurve vs longbow?

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Default recurve vs longbow?

I'm starting to outfit myself with trad gear and can't decide whether to go recurve or longbow. I like the look of a longbow and got interested in it by reading Howard Hills book but I've alsoread that a recurve is more forgiving and easier to master? I hope to eventually hunt with the bow when I get skilled enough but have heard about problems with hand shock, decreased efficiency etc with longbows? Any of this true? If someone could set the record straight on this two options I'd appreciate it. Don't want to fork out alot of money initially on a bow I won't be happy with. Where I live (just north of nowhere) there isn't much opportunity to try bows out ahead of time. I shoot a compound bow now but want to expand my horizons..
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

A long bow is a little harder to master or for me it is. It is a "weaker" bow. or I should say, they tend to be slower simply due to design. But just like any bow, if youget it and master it, you will have success.I personally think a recurve is easier to master, especially if you are comparing a self bow to a laminate.
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

I went with longbow, cause I figure if I am going traditional, might as well go as far as I could. But alot of things I would do differently.

One. Don't do like me and buy a high dollar longbow or recurve at first. Instintive shooting, learning to actually do it will be teh dominating factor with a 100 dollar bow or a 600 dollar. No matter what quality the bow is, it won't help you at first. So I suggest a lower end one. Then you can make the decision whats right for you with little knowledge under you belt.

I got lucky and still like my martin longbow. But I wanted something more traditional, and don't liek the fact it has glass on it. I would have rather had a backed selfbow. But until I really get my arms around shooting it, I will wait to get what I want.

I notce the recurves seems to handle lighter arrows better with less handshock, and longbows handle heavier better.
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

I think recurve is still an easier transistion from compounds. Theriser mass makes holding on target a lot easier, and keeps hand shock/recoil down so they really are easier to shoot accurately, at least for most folks.

Some are just natural born longbow shooters and can't shoot recurves worth a flip. I wish I was one of them, but I ain't.[&:]I love longbows but can't shoot them worth a flip. On the other hand,I was always a deadly SOB with a recurve.

Straight limb longbows are generally slower and less efficient than recurves, and do give you a solid bump in the hand at the shot. That's true. But reflex/deflex longbows are extremely popular these days because don't give up much, if anything,in performance to recurves and don't have much handshock at all.

Of course, handshock is one of those things that's pretty subjective. Some people wouldn't feel any handshock if they took a baseball bat and swatted a telephone pole as hard as they can. [:-]Others are reallysensitive to handshock. So, some people will tell you there isn't any handshock with a bow and someone else will tell you the same bow numbed their arm and rattled their teeth. It's one of those things you'll have to investigate for yourself.

Anyway, I'd suggest starting out with a recurve and then moving on to longbows later. You're eventually gonna wind up with at least one of each anyway.
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

Generally speaking, a recurve is faster, heavier (mass weight) and has a grip more familiar to compound shooters. A longbow is quieter, smoother, and has more hand shock.

HOWEVER............there are so many different variations on the market today that you have to get more specific--there's real fast longbows, fairly slow recurves, heavy and light mass weight in both, long recurves, short longbows, longbows with recurve grips, recurves with longbow grips, 3-piece td bows that accept both types of limbs, etc. etc. etc. Some "longbows", to me, feel and shoot just like a recurve, to the point that I don't understand what the niche is for them--just get a recurve and be done with it. Some look like a recurve unstrung.

Anyhow, point being is you will just have to get your hands on a few bows and see what works best for you. If by "longbow" you mean a straight grip and straight or mildly reflexed limbs, then a traditional style recurve will probably be easier to make the transition with. Personally, I prefer a good deflex/reflex (aka "hybrid") longbow, although one that isn't too radical in design.

Don't worry about brands, speed tests, what so-and-so shoots, etc. Go with what feels good and works best for you.

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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

As said above (hows it been AP) long bows with lots of reflex deflex are almost equal to curves as far as speed. I shoot a 45lb bear griz recurve and a 60lb long bow with lots of R and D, it is so much faster then the curve. I can pick up the bear and shoot tight groups at 15 yards, they dont hit were I am looking but they are tight. With the long bow I have to work at it, if I drop the bow get a bad release I can tell, but on the other hand I can take the long bow and send an arrow from 35 yards and some howhit what I want to hit. I never could do that with a curve, or even a compound.

I think it is all up to you, see if you can find an old curve and try it out for a while.It is easyier said then done but it is the best way to go. I wish I would have tried some bows before I bought mine, not that it is bad I just wish Icould saythat it is the best for me.

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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

I like a recurve cause it's mo better
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

I love em both, but there is just something about a light in your hand lonbbow. as previously stated i feel I have more confidence with my longbow some how the arrows hit or come very close to what I am lookin at. My recurve I have to think a little bit more but that is just me. I dont think you can go wrong with either. Good luck and welcome to the trad club
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

Like OH, I love em both. I go through phaseswhere I shoot a curve, but I am always back to my longbow...usually before the day is out. I just love the simple beauty, the rugged dependabily, the feather light weight, the dead quietnessand the accuracy andI get with my longbow.I just feel its better suited to my style of hunting, which in the end, is all that matters.
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Default RE: recurve vs longbow?

Seems pretty evenly split on recurve vs. longbow. I think I'll try to find a cheap longbow first with a bit of deflex-reflex and go from there. Any suggestions on an inexpensive make to get me started?
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Quick Reply: recurve vs longbow?

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