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never shot a fixed blade before. i bought some 100 grain rockets last year on sale and noticed before hunting the other day they only screw in about 1/2 a dang turn. i'd been using reapers before that. well i trashed them and went by the store yesterday and picked up a couple packs of 100 gr nap thunders for fun and some nap mechanicals. i just haven't wanted to mess with it. well, i played with my drop away a little, moved my loop a little, just got everything looking perfect to me and then went out this morning to paper tune before trying the fixed blades. 1/2 inch nock high from 6 and 10 feet and dead center, that's good enough. shot a couple field points. playing with things had me 2 inches high, but arrow flight looked so good and stacking 'em. time for the fixed blades. dang, that'll teach you to not wiggle your fingers when you're drawing. hooked up my 4 best arrows. flying beautiful, and on the money, 2 inches lower than my field points, but my sight is dead on with them. i shot about 8 arrows at 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60. from what i've heard i kept expecting the flight or precision to start getting off. nope. only 1 out of 8 was 7" off at 60. 4 were either in the bullseye or within 1" and the other 3 were within 3" of the center of the bullseye. plus the bow was quieter. i don't get that. i'm so psyched. i never would have tried this without everything i've learned about working on my own stuff, and appreciate this forum so much for all the searches i can do. i'll never go back to mechanicals, well unless i cut my finger off or something. got em all sharpened back up and will be out to hopefully test them in the field this weekend. i'll tell ya, i just feel so much more comfortable knowing there are fixed blades on my arrows, its amazing. i never realized how stressed the mech's had me about opening and throwing off the arrow in flight, or on a quartering shot.
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Confidence in your equipment just before the season starts is the best accessory you can have at the moment of truth Good luck!!!
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Default RE: wowwwwwww

Glad you found something you are confident in gibblet! Good luck in the field!
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Good to hear of your success! I love the Thunderheads and once you get your bow tuned they do fly so well. Good luck this season. I would much rather shoot fixed blades, you never have to worry about them at all unless your shooting them out of an untuned bow or they aren't sharp. Other than that they put venison on the table quite nicely!!
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Need to reply to this only on personal preference...I switched to nap spitfires about 5/6 years ago. Long story short: left quiver in tree, practice arrows w/target tips, no muzzies at neareast "shop". Had a wondrful clean kill that afternoon on a rack mounted in "the" room... I've had 8 kills to date since w/same "broadhead"; Have not tracked a blood trail since. Exit hole baseball size. Litterally, I've seen every deer go down.
I am not tryin to put anybody down on the fixed /mechanical thing here...alot of knowledgable people here...Paper tune, several hundred shots, allen wrenches, go hunt...Period.
This year. BMG2 65#b. wb{too sweet], 27 cx200...SHOOTIN NICKELS
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