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Default Fred Bear Epic Extreme?

just wondering if anyone can give me any info on this bow? I have been out of the archery scene for 5 yrs due to a fall off a roof. I want to get back into it & i think i finally have the strength to do it. I shot nothing but hoyt before the accident & still like them, but i saw this bow in cabelas sale catalog (epic extreme), & kinda liked the looks of it. thanx for any input.
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Default RE: Fred Bear Epic Extreme?


Yeah, it is pretty hard to look the other way when a place is selling a $500 regular price bow for $329.99... I was thinking about getting another one myself to use just for hunting.

I had a 2001 model a year ago this past December/January. I thought it was a very decent bow...low recoil, low noise, low vibration, great accuracy for me, and decent speed.

At the time I had also owned a Hoyt Havoc Redline though...and when both bows were set up to the same specs the Redline was 10 fps faster and was noticeably lighter in overall mass weight...otherwise I probably would have kept it.

I sold it to a buddy of mine who used it to take 3 deer this year. He loves it and it is a big change from the 43 inch, 7 pound (full loaded) XI that he had been shooting for the last 5 years.

The Epic Extreme is definitely one of the most underrated bows.
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Default RE: Fred Bear Epic Extreme?

Ive taken a hard look at bear bows lately and have noticed that the quality of there bows is outstanding.
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Default RE: Fred Bear Epic Extreme?

rem, I just got the Buckmaster G2 about 3 weeks ago. I love this bow it shoots flat,no recoil,very quite, and 31axle to, the only thing different about the epic and the g2 is the idler wheel, the g2 is larger, and the riser which has sims in the pockets and inside the riser, both risers are identical except for the sims technology and both limbs are the same. I got mine off ebay for 340. vs 499. in a pro shop so I got a deal.

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Fred Bear Epic Extreme?

I have a 2000 model also. I love it, its quite and shoots very well. I shoot Gold Tips, 29 inch draw set at 65 lbs. With a wisker bisquit rest, X-Ring Sika Flex Stabilizer, Toxonics Sight with two pins and a built in level.
Maybe in the future Ill save up and buy a newer version with the up graded features.
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Old 04-21-2010, 03:04 PM   #7
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Default epic xtreame

Does any one know the first year they made the epic xtreame? I bought one the first year out. Also doe,s any one know where i can get parts for this bow? I lost the slide on the cable and the bolt that holds it. All bear dealers tell me it,s a too old of abow too get parts for. Will a regular cable guard work. Replace the swing arm?

THANKS in advance
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Bear is building a heck of a bow these days and have been for the last five years.
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