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Virginia Hunter 02-25-2002 11:34 AM

Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
What are the pros and cons of Diamond vanes and what are some for the Flex Fletch vanes? Suggestions.......

BobCo19-65 02-25-2002 11:46 AM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
Personally, I have used Easton Diamond Vanes until they did away with their 4.75" vane. Since then I have went to Arizona and I believe that they are identical to Eason, without the hefty price. I have not tried the Flex Flethch, but a lot of people swear by them. I have always been happy with the previously mentioned vanes though.

P.S. This is only for my compound bow.

Black Frog 02-25-2002 12:01 PM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
I swear by the Flex Fletch. Awesome vanes- toughest ones I've seen. On older bag targets or loose indoor bales where I've buried the arrow up past the fletching, the FF's have tremendous durability. Give 'em a few minutes and the come right back to normal- even on pass throughs. Lots of colors and sizes to choose from as well.

The only con I can think of (besides that they cost a bit more than others) is that you need to prep the vane before gluing. This requires thoroughly wiping the base of the vane with acetone or paint thinner to get the residue off from the plastic molds.

Thumbs up!!

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HotLZ 02-25-2002 12:05 PM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
I switched from Arizona vanes to Flex Fletch, and I like the FF a lot better. Only trouble is I can't get them to stick as well on my carbons, even with the vane prep that FF mentioned. I've tried all the tricks: acetoning the bases till I'm blue in the face, lighly sanding them, trying different glues. I can get them to stick ok, but on a pass-thru on a 3-d target or on a bale, at least one will usually come off. I'll probably go back to the AAE just for this reason, even though they aren't as durable.

Black Frog 02-25-2002 12:37 PM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes

Have you tried their Flex Bond glue? I have NEVER had one come off my carbons, and in fact- it is really a PAIN to get them off when I want to refletch!

The Flex-Bond takes a bit longer to set up, but it really holds well.

Are you prepping your shafts as well? Bohning makes Prep Rite II that works great and one bottle last a looooong time.

IL-Cornfed 02-25-2002 12:39 PM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
The AAE Plastifletch Elite vanes have worked well for me for a good number of years and have taken everything from 100+ degree days to -50 below windchills and have never let me down.I trust 'em

moonge 02-25-2002 01:21 PM

RE: Pros & Cons of Diamond vanes & FF vanes
Flex Fletch is a great vane, very tough. I used them for years and really liked them a lot. the only reason I use the AAE/Easton ones now is they are easy to find & if you buy the AAE ones they are cheap, hold up well, and for the most part good quality.

I will say I think the Flex Fletch is a better vane if you have no fletching contact with your rest.

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