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Default Parker Hunter Mag

Just purchased a parker hunter mag bow, but need a new site looking at timberline archery no peep system any Ideas? Also looking for someone who may know a little about this bow and wondered if there are any problems I should look for or changes that I should make for better performance? I did a lot of research before buying, but being new to the sport need all the help i can get.

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Default RE: Parker Hunter Mag

Just to make sure you' re clear, Timberline does make fiber optic sights in addition to the No-Peep, which is not a sight but an anchor point reference tool.

You do not look through the no-peep, once set up for your comfortable anchor point, you look at it in your peripheral vision to make sure you are repeating your anchor point, then you aim with your sight pin.

I' ve heard good things about Timberline' s sights, and I can testify to the excellence of the no-peep. After using one for 2 seasons, I' ll never have a hunting bow without one, assuming something better doesn' t come along down the line...

I have no experience with your bow, sorry, but generally you read/hear nothing but good things about Parker bows...
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Default RE: Parker Hunter Mag


I have a Parker Hunter Mag Outfitter package. I added limb savers, which are on clearance at many of the stores that end with the letter T.. (Wal-mart Kmart, etc..)

I am using the site that came with mine, I am happy with it.
I recently purchased a whisker biscuit to replace the arrow rest that came with mine.

You have made a great purchase, good luck!!
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Default RE: Parker Hunter Mag

I also recently purchased the Parker Hunter Mag Outfitter. I am also happy with the 3 pin sight that came on it, but I have been coming to the same conclusion as our friend above....I will add a whisker biscuit this winter. I think you have made a wise purchase that will ensure you of many years of good hunting.

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Default RE: Parker Hunter Mag

I recently purchased a hunter mag also. I love this bow!!! I got my first bowkill with it. I found no problems with it and it performs great. I did not get the outfitter package so i added my own sight, rest, stabilizer, etc...
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Default RE: Parker Hunter Mag

I bought a Hunter-Mag four years ago,I just wanted a bow to get back into bowhunting after being away from archery for over 20 years,which turned out to be a good investment.I hunted hard with it for two years and killed 19 deer with it.Since then,I've owned several different bows(I'm shooting an LX now),but I've kept the Hunter-Mag as my back-up.The single,most important upgrade to that bow,was putting a Muzzy Zero-Effect rest on it,major improvement in the way it shot for me.In that two years I hunted with it,I changed the string and cable,sight,arrows,release,just about everything,but I still have it, and I still enjoy shooting it...Bob
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