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Getting and eating green snake


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Default Getting and eating green snake

Snake is one of animals that we all fear. Green Snake is known for strong venom. But in the jungle, they become a delicious food for aborigines. Thanks to Primitive Skills, they can get and process green snake in a special way.
Green snake lives on tree so it is not difficult to see them taking rest on tree branches in a tropical jungle or down the stream. Follow the two aboriginal men to see them catching snake quickly and hold snake’s head to avoid attacking.
After finding for a while, the two men got a big green snake. One of them held snake’s tail and turned around to make them dizzy and cannot attack. After that he pounded snake;s head against the tree. All actions need to be careful and quickly.
The way they process the snake is quite interesting: they circle the snake around a small tree branch. Then, bake it above charcoal.
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