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6ptsika 01-04-2002 10:25 AM

A couple of basic questions.
Hi, this is my first post here in the tech forum, but I've read a bunch of great stuff.
I received a dozen Blackhawk Vapor CA 4000 arrows for Christmas. I shoot a Buck saber single cam at 62lbs with 26.5" shafts. With 100gr heads, what kind of speed am I looking at here? KE? Would I be better off with 125gr heads? Are these arrows spined correctly for my setup?
Any comments or suggestions are appreciated, I've always been a fingers and heavy aluminum guy, so I'm a little behind on the tech side. This is my first setup with a release and prong rest, before, I shot 28.5" 2315's. With sight in only one eye, I'm trying for a flatter shooting setup for my pendulum, as judging distance is impossible for me past a few yards.

PABowhntr 01-04-2002 11:47 AM

RE: A couple of basic questions.

Welcome to the forum.

I have used the Vapor ACA 4000 myself with a bow set at a 65 lb draw weight and a 31 inch draw length. I believe that I was marginal in terms of arrow other words I should have went up to the next size.
....but, since you are on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of draw length the 4000 might be a tad too stiff for your setup. Putting that 125 grain head on the arrow might help the situation somewhat but only by papertuning the bow can you really tell one way or the other.

If I can find my Blackhawk Arrow Chart I will look into it further.

6ptsika 01-04-2002 12:31 PM

RE: A couple of basic questions.
Thanks PABowhntr,
I plan on tuning it tomorrow AM, I jumped the gun switching my setup, since I had gift certificates to burn. Now I find myself with unexpected days off this month, so I'll get a chance to go out 5-6 days. I'm happy about that, but wish I had left my old setup on the bow.

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