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Default Spine/Arrow

Been reading alot of different threads on this! i been looking at goldtips charts easton charts and everyone i talk too i get different answers!! heres my NEW Setup:

Bowtech Experience
335fps @ ibo

Goldtip Tech Support Reccomends .300 spine
Goldtip chart 7595 .300/.340 spine?????
Easton chart .400 spine

I myself am leaning towards a Gold Tip Pro Hunter 7595 camo 10.9 GPI .300 spine O.D. .310" I.d. .346" weight @ 29" 316.1 GR
27" Arrow
440 - 450 Grains
thanks for the help!!!!!! IA
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Double check the goldtip spine specs. The website lists the camo pro hunter 7595 at .300" spine, but I'm not sure that is correct. It's the same as the 7595 black, but camo dipped, adds a little weight but not usually stiffness. It doesn't play that way for any other GT shafts.

I run a bow tech destroyer 350, 28" draw, 27.5" arrows, GT velocity xt 300's, had weak spine issues with the xt hunter and pro hunter 7595's (both of which are .340" spines, NOT the .300" spine like the Pro Hunter 7595 CAMO).

The only disadvantage of the camo Pro Hunter 7595 is the weight gpi. You're looking at 10.9 gpi for the Pro Hunter 7595 Camo to get a .300" spine, whereas the Velocity XT 300 is 8.5gpi. Is that important to everybody? No. Is it important to me? Yes. That difference means a 67grn heavier shaft, which means a pretty big difference in FOC and velocity, so I take the best of both worlds, lighter shaft with faster speed. In general, I think the lighter gpi shafts SHOULD be a tougher arrow as well, since it means they have to be made up of more carbon fiber, and less resin, relatively speaking, so they'll be tougher, and stay straight longer.

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Default Well it figures

Expensive fast bows take expensive spined arrows.
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Nomercy448 thanks again
Ended up going with a Goldtip pro Hunter 300 camo 27.5" 448.5 Gr 10.44% FOC

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