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Default Goldtip?

Would the average shooter notice a difference between the Expedition,XT,or Pros? I know the difference is straightness but will the average joe be able tell out to 30 yards?
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Default RE: Goldtip?

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Default RE: Goldtip?

Probably not, but here's another way of looking at it. If carbon arrows are a bit crooked it's usually at the ends. The Expeditions are straight to .006". If you are one of those who make up their own arrows then you could cut them down to length by cutting about 2" from the nock end. Install the nocks and cut the remainder from the point end. This often yields an arrow that is straight to within .002" to .004"; thus a straighter shaft to work with.

But here's another thought. If you choose just average or below average equipment all the time then maybe that's what keeps you average in the shooting category.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

You can look at it this way...arrows that wobbleis certainly 'no help' to improve your groups.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

I use the XT Hunters for hunting but I have to be honest, I don't see much difference between them and the Walmart wolverines that I bought on clearance for shooting in my garage, and I'm sure that the expedition hunters are much better than the WM specials.The cheap arrows are heavier so they drop about three inches more at thirty yards and my group size will grow from 4 to 6 inches. I'm sure that the differences will really start to magnify beyond that distance so I wouldn't use them for hunting. But for my late night shooting sessions at 15 feet or when a newb wants to try shooting a bow they work just fine.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

I've noted a moderate difference between a .006 straightness and a .003 straightness arrow, time and again, and I'd consider myself a relatively AVG shooter. Therefore, I think you WOULD find a slight difference between the .003 and .006 straightness arrows. But I'm not sure that I'm good enough to notice much difference between the .001 and .003's but this opinion I've developed based on what I've heard others who I thought were much better archers than myself stating they didn't notice a difference. ALL 14 RH'd I've shot were shot with .003 arrows, including the one in my avatar. I've learned that once I have a bow dialed in, not to shoot at the same spot any closer than 40yds, because regardless of how cool it sounds or looks, it's still costly!!!
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Default RE: Goldtip?

Maybe for a target shooter but if you are talking about a hunting aspect NO you will not see a difference. I have gold tips that are .001 and .006 and out to 40 yards I can shoot one after another and they all hit in the same general area if they are more than 3 inches then it is probably something I am doing not the arrow.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

The "NUGES" goldtips are .006 straight, we're not talking about winning tournements here, just bringing home some backstrap and maybe a nice rack to go with it. He and Shemane practice with thier equiptment so much more than the average hunter (you all know one or two, they start practiceing two or three weeks before the season begins. As long as they take the time to honestly learn their limitations those .006 arrows they will work great.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

I shoot pros in tournaments for good reasons. I have used XT in hunting for many years. Good arrows and tough as nails.

One should always cut both ends of the shafts on all carbon arrows.
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Default RE: Goldtip?

I tell ya, I was sorely disappointed with gold tip pros. I checked for straightness and spine over a dozen arrows. Over 50% was way past spec. And cut both ends. I sent back 6, and got back 6. Ok, now I retested and found 2 out of that batch good. Sent back 4 more to gold tip. They sent back another 4 and found 3 out of 4 good. I said screw it on the last arrow. I was paying a fortune in shipping.

Its just marketing. And they market good. But I have had same issues with carbon express edge, beman MFX, Beman black max, beman hawks. Since I changed to carbon tech, never had this problem again. ACC's are excellent too.

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